43 Junction Rd, the fitness and supermarket site being built on the Monarch Mills site current info, as of this week of Apr 2016


The blog has learned from the most reliable source, the following info about the 43 Junction Rd site, as the site built is proceeding now.

  • 1, there will be one organic supermarket which will be The Organic Garage.
  • 2, There will be one fitness centre ( forgot to verify the name/ will next week )
  • 3, if there are too be any further smaller retail buildings they will come later
  • 4, the developer is aware of the need for a large amount of parking and optimizing the parking available.
  • 4, the second floor is being built right now

The they may be able to open later this year, there was much positive inflection in the voice of the person who told me.


Ok, those are proably the main points most people want to know now, more later today or Saturday.

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