441 Jane Street redevelopment,



 4-storey stacked townhouses, 24 units in total. Currently occupied by an auto service centre

4-storey stacked townhouses, 24 units in total. Currently occupied by an auto service centre


from city information…


This application proposes to amend the Official Plan and the former City of York Zoning By-law 1-83, to permit the construction of a five level multi-unit residential development in a stacked townhouse form at 441 Jane Street. Four storeys would be above grade with a fifth storey partially below grade. A total height of 11m is proposed above grade. The proposed development would contain twenty-three units and twenty-four parking spaces, of which twenty spaces would be provided in a one-level underground garage.

This report provides preliminary information on the above-noted application and seeks Community Council’s directions on further processing of the application and on the community consultation process.

A community consultation meeting scheduled by staff in consultation with the Ward Councillor is to be held in the second quarter of the year. A Final Report and Public Meeting under the Planning Act to consider this application is targeted for late 2013 provided any required information is submitted by the applicant in a timely manner.
Background Information
(March 19, 2013) Report from the Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District regarding an Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Preliminary Report – 441 Jane Street


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  1. Raymond says:

    Looks like a nice redevelopment of the site. However, 24 units is sure packing them in. Also, 23 parking spaces is not sufficient. Should be higher, possibly 30+ since some owners will have two vehicles. Others may have none. However, what happens when a no car owner sells to a two car buyer? Somebody will park on the side street and plug up limited parking that “belongs” to others.

    • junctionist says:

      Let the market and positive social trends decide what’s sufficient for parking. As Toronto gets denser and sees huge improvements to transit over the next decades, there won’t be as much demand for parking.

  2. Al says:

    I agree with Raymond. I thought the same thing when I first saw the plan. Not enough parking! Especially since it has gotten very tight at Jane and Annette. The 1hr limit from 9-4 was extended to 2hr BUT not is in effect till 9pm… with Queen Margherita Pizza, the neighborhood has a lot more people visiting… it will be very tight for parking.
    And for 24 units, sounds like it would be approximately 2 story (except 1bdr units) units so 12 below on the first two floors and 12 above on the upper two floors. Basically low-rise condos. Pretty tight.

    • junctionist says:

      Some visitors’ parking would suffice in addition to the 24 spots, but beyond that, there’s no reason to accommodate more cars. The location is not that far from the subway. Not everyone has two cars or even needs a car.

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