50 % Houses appearing more & more in WTO

Want a new big house in a west Toronto community with well developed shopping and parks, along with the ability to walk to most of your destinations?  Throw in that the big box stores are a short drive or middling bike trip away.  Oh and you have the guts to deal with an architect or CET and maybe some builders.

Many people want all of these goodies yet do not want the suburban drive or long soulless streets. So if any of this appeals to you, you can have it all and save money by using the maybe not so well known 50% rule… buy a small house in your neighborhood of choice, 1st checking for clean lane ways and respectful yet community involved neighbors, then come up with your dream house with the architect or CET, then tear down half the house, be sure to incorporate the 50 percent of the old house left in your new design, have your builder build the house and move in, to a house in a place you like with fully mature trees and old parks.

Where the savings kick in is the fact the house is not deemed to be a new house (you only removed 50 percent)- so no new house tax.

While it may fine with respect to your neighbors property and sight lines (views) to do this. performing this conversion on a  historically important house in terms of archtecture or history is a no no, although  surely the neighbours will point this last part out to you if you choose the wrong house.

Posted by Robert

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