6 Lloyd Ave Junction Craft Brewing opinion 

Doing more research tonight, on 6 Lloyd Ave, on this site sat for many years.. the Benjamin Moore paint plant. The current site owners have had difficulty developing the site because of another business as in the area. 

Good opinion eh!

Text of the above graphic, 

Junction Craft Brewing is located at 90 Cawthra in sight of the proposed 6 Lloyd development that the City Council is considering this Tuesday. We support it wholeheartedly. We’d like to see more people come into the neighbourhood. Of course they will sample our craft beer but that’s not the only reason. The site has been underutilized and underdeveloped for almost 20 years. What we hear of the developer’s plans pleases us greatly. He has been working for nearly 11 years of owning the land to make it happen. This re-development will become a Toronto model of a green and clean, self-contained urban village, relying upon sustainable heating, cooling and energy technologies and techniques, utilizing public transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while bringing back to the community the bio-diversity that it once enjoyed many years ago. We urge you to allow this property to be changed from an empty lot to a neighbourhood enhancement

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