731 Runnymede Rd Shelter motion moved by Councillor James Pasternak

Moved by: Councillor James Pasternak


1. City Council direct the General Manager, Shelter Support and Housing Administration and Executive Director, Social Development, Finance and Administration to work with the Councillors for Wards 11 and 13, the local community and other stakeholders, to develop a plan for a shelter program that will meet the needs of an appropriate number of homeless men at 731 Runnymede Road and make a positive contribution to the neighbouring community.

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Vote Required: Majority

2. City Council direct the Deputy City Manager, Cluster A to retain a third party facilitator or independent community outreach worker preferably through a local community agency, to outreach and engage with local residents, shelter users, businesses, service providers, ward Councillors and other stakeholders to work with the community to better understand and identify concerns and service enhancements required in the area of 731 Runnymede Road to support the community and shelter.

3. City Council direct the General Manager, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration to report to the September 20, 2016 meeting of the Community Development and Recreation Committee on the proposed shelter program plan for 731 Runnymede Road.

4. City Council direct the Director of Real Estate Services to negotiate a lease for the use of 731 Runnymede Road by the City of Toronto, or otherwise secure the property, on terms acceptable to the Chief Corporate Officer and in a form acceptable to the City Solicitor, subject to approval of the proposed shelter program plan requested in Recommendation 3 above by the Community James


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Development and Recreation Committee in September 2016 and City Council in October 2016

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