A hospital that allows very loud music, and me getting lost in the old Don Jail.

Above, Tuesday, May 31 at Bridgepoint Health  Centre at approx 11:30 am, Music so loud you could not hear yourself, but just wonderful to see a hospital, see the need for entertainment to loud and exciting. The hospital administration sure does make use of the funds invested in the outdoor amenities, great!
Below some images of the stairways used to get to the administration offices of the Bridgepoint Health Centre. There are elevators, but the stairs are fun. These are the original Don Jail stairs with what seems to be original handrails. The stair treads were originally open metal grids, with renovations of the old gaol into administrative offices and glass on top of the steel grids.

Another unique elements that refers to the old gaol every department door is locked and you have to knock to get entry.

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