A post for Junction makers, U.K. Gives copyright protection to furniture designers/makers

While new tech  makers are may not be happy about this, persons trained and educated in the crafts and art of object design in the tradition manner will be happy.

Detail of a Junction designed furniture work.

As 3D printers break through, EU expands copyright to furniture and extends term by 100 years.

The UK has just changed its copyright-and-patent monopoly law to extend copyright to furniture and to extend the term of that copyright on furniture with about a century. This follows a decision in the European Union, where member states are required to adhere to such an order. This change means that people will be prohibited from using 3D printing and other maker technologies to manufacture such objects, and that for a full century.
The Guardian celebrates “an end to cheap Chinese knock-offs” in an article that describes how classic furniture design that’s older than 25 years will be moved out of the public domain, where anybody can use the design for any purpose, and back under exclusive rights – the exclusive monopoly law we know as “copyright”.

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