A & W on the Keele St & Dundas St W. Corner.

Many people are disquieted aboud the coming of the A & W to the The Campbell Block.

The size of the outlet which appears to use two units of the building as reconstructed. A & W will have the super submarine frontage and the complete frontage along west side of Keele St. A section of the building that housed a 3 business previously n the same space.

The released plan does not show a drive in window, which if there is not one may result in many of the cars and trucks traveling north and south on Keele St. To just continue on.

A & W will hopefully provide the Dundas St. W. strip with some walking traffic which it needs.



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  1. Raymond says:

    “A & W will hopefully provide the Dundas St. W. strip with some walking traffic which it surly (sic) needs.”

    Dundas is lacking walking traffic?

  2. Elviz says:

    I do not like this at all. Such a great location given to another chain restaurant. Hopefully the rest of units will fetch some local independent business owners such as the Junction identity!

  3. Raymond says:

    Nothing wrong with A&W or some other chain businesses although I would have much preferred to see Quiznos instead of Subway! Independents abound in the Junction HOWEVER most cannot afford the lease cost of multi-million dollar restorations. Just a fact of life. Better than vacant storefronts. Plenty of those along Dundas!

  4. Dirk says:

    Raymond what does that have to do with anything? None of the storefronts in this building were vacant until they kicked everyone out

  5. Raymond says:


    What was there were a bunch of dumps (except Sub guy) and of no value to the area. A real eyesore for the most important intersection in the Junction. What is coming is a vast improvement that is costing millions of dollars.

    They MUST do something about the pigeons! They are a health hazard as well as filthy. Monday I was waiting for a northbound 89 bus and I could not believe the vast quantity of these filthy birds. Remember Legionnaires disease?

  6. john says:

    Unfortunately, there is at least 2 people mass feeding the birds. First feeder usually comes around 830am, second comes around noon.

    First one comes with a buggy full of old bread. Its a sight.

  7. ted says:

    Swiss Chalet has leased in that same building you’re all talking about.

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