About Mr. Harrison of the CPR


Mr. Harrison is the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian​ Pacific Railway Limited and Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP). He joined CP in 2012. Mr. Harrison served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Canadian National Railway Company (CN) from 2003-2009 and as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from 1998-2002. He served on CN’s Board of Directors for 10 years.
Prior to joining CN, Mr. Harrison was President and CEO at Illinois Central Corporation (IC), and Illinois Central Rail Road Company (ICRR) from 1993-1998, during which time he was also a member of the Board. Mr. Harrison held various positions throughout his time at IC and ICRR, including Vice-President, COO and Senior VP of Operations.
Before his time at IC and ICRR in 1989, Mr. Harrison served as Burlington Northern’s Vice-President of Transportation and Vice-President of Service Design. Mr. Harrison has served as a director on several railway companies and industry associations, including The Belt Railway of Chicago, Wabash National Corporation, The American Association of Railroads, Terminal Railway, TTX Company, CN, IC, and ICRR.
Mr. Harrison was recently named 2015 Railroader of the Year by railroad industry trade journal Railway Age. This is the second time he has been so-honored; the first time was in 2002, when he was chief operating officer of the then-recently combined Canadian National/Illinois Central system. He will be honored on March 10, 2015, at Chicago’s Union League Club.​
* Member of the Health, Safety, Security,​ and Environment

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