Amongst the condos and gov. buildings the city changes

Amongst the condos that are going to rival the hospitals and government offices in number of buildings around what once was simply the hospital and government office district in the area of College St – University Ave and Dundas St. West, the Ontario Government is renewing the top parapet of the facade of one its buildings.

This renewal offers a unique chance to see the complete difference in the current building techniques and those of the near past of the last 30 years. The building’s being repaired has a brick core which supports the sleeves of stone that are the buildings outside facing. With a straight line shouting view is the new two towers Burano Condo development. (link to the condo developer site re sizes your browser window) The facade on the condo building is glass windows made to appear as a monotone surface hung from a concrete caucus.

Think about that for a second. Let it really sink in.  Not only are West Toronto’s core areas usually separated by streets and avenues – now melding, but buildings of vastly different building types are being glued together in the sight lines of the city. These are strange times- for a city that prides itself on maintaining its distinct neighbourhoods as the prime building method for the development and character of the city.

Posted by Robert

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