Are the city’s pipes causing your basement flooding?

If you have a chronically leaky basement, chances are, the city already knows about it.

Reading thorough the city web page on chronically leaky basements on the City of Toronto web site, you quickly become aware of how serious the issue of basement leakage in older homes may not simply be the result of deterioration of older homes, but probably is greatly contributed too by the city’s failing water pipe and sewage pipe systems.

The next public meeting is for the areas outlined below. At the City of Toronto’s site you can see maps to other areas.
The City of Toronto is having what is calls a “Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study to assess the causes and impacts of, and develop remedial solutions to basement flooding” in four areas surrounding Mimico Creek west of Islington Ave, north of Dundas St W., east of Renforth Dr. and south of Eringate Dr. and Princess Margaret Blvd.

The first “Public Open House” is scheduled for Thursday September 4, 2008 from 6:30 to 8:30 at Burnamthorpe Collegiate Institute, 500 The East Mall (Gymnasium).

Link to City of Toronto’s city wide web page about the issue

Public information slides [PDF file]

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