As parts of the city rework houses to make them bigger some choose size and throw out design.

Houses to be homes need a mixture of good of design and utility. When design and utility are planned in accordance with each other, there are some give and take in both areas. However the over all use and feel of the house and home can be enhanced. Windows can be placed to service living areas according to sun and season, as well time of day usage.

Size as your main condition of choice removed many of possibilities of usage, comfort and visual pleasure can be lost. Toronto renos are famous for their  discount of visual pleasure. Good  design for either inside or the exterior of the house, it has great effect of the home feel if a house.

East York is an area of the city that is in a huge transformation of major size renovations in the city. The momentum is around the rebuild of post World War Two houses. 

The area is awash with these rebuilds, usually 2 or 3 on the same street at the same time. 

The choices of size over design are very evident, here are sme exterior photos highlight this happening,

The blog will do another post as the interiors come together to high size over design choices inside.

The photos click any photo for full size


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  1. Raymond says:

    There ought to be an ugly tax on many of these renovations today.

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