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Ontario support for Junction Retailers to develop online sales and services.

  1. Entry level support: OBIAA will provide services to an estimated 2,750 main street businesses in the initial stages of developing an online presence. Digital service squads will help businesses implement transformation plans and OBIAA will provide contributions of $2,500 to help businesses create a compelling online presence.
  2. Intermediate level support to build an online storefront (ShopHere): This model deploys students to build online stores and provides initial support for operating the online store and related digital marketing. This pillar will support an estimated 16,450 businesses across Ontario, and will be delivered by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA), Communitech and Invest Ottawa.
  3. Advanced level support through Future-Proofing Main Street: This pillar involves specialized engagement over a longer time with main street firms looking to accelerate their digital growth in three key sectors: retail, restaurant/hospitality, and services/trades. Local experts and students will help businesses develop global marketing strategies and advanced digital marketing, to be complemented by networking, mentoring and specialized training provided by Communitech, Invest Ottawa and other regional innovation centres across Ontario. This pillar will support an estimated 2,700 businesses.

The Digital Main Street Platform will support nearly 22,000 main street businesses and create experiential learning opportunities for over 1,400 students. The Government of Ontario is also investing $7.45 million to extend this Platform to Northern Ontario and support even more businesses. For more information or to apply, visit the Digital Main Street website. To learn more about the Platform, read the pivotal project profile on our website

“As local economies across Ontario reopen, we’re focused on ensuring that our main streets don’t just survive, but thrive. These businesses are the backbone of our economy, a source of local jobs – and local pride. Thanks to the expanded Digital Main Street platform, they’ll be able to expand their offerings and take advantage of more and more people shopping online. Our message to Ontario’s small businesses, and those whose livelihoods rely on them, is clear: we’re working with you to support good jobs and help our economy come back stronger than ever.”


The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages and Minister responsible for Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Remembering a swell Junction resident, Frank Robertson 10 years later

 Today is the Ten Year Date of the loss Frank Robertson, a victim of Ontario’s draconian family law courts, where a great father and good man was brought out of life.


March 15, 1973 to July 8th 2010

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Councillor Brad Bradford statement on TO east beaches garbage.

All text Councillor Brad Bradford

What we saw for the second weekend in a row was completely unacceptable. The level of disregard we saw, not only for the critical need to maintain physical distance but even the basics of picking up after yourself, was shocking. This is all made worse in the context of a global pandemic where most of the world is making massive sacrifices for the good of their communities. Two Saturdays ago I was down at the beach picking up garbage myself at 7am, but the problem has only deepened. I share the sentiments coming from the community on needing to fix this and we’re taking steps to do so.

On a call with our Deputy City Manager this weekend I asked our bylaw officers and Toronto Police to be out issuing tickets for ignoring physical distancing rules, littering, and other anti-social behaviour on the Beach like starting fires. This is starting now and will be ramped-up over the coming weekend. We are also trying to fix a lot of the underlying issues with the way maintenance for the beach is coordinated.

love always snow Xmas

happy_holidays_card snow

Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction area of Toronto

Digital Image Number: I0021492.JPG
Title: Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction area of Toronto
Date: 1990
Creator: Robert Teteruck
Format: Black and white print
Reference Code: F 4445-3
Item Reference Code: F 4445-3-0-0-7

SW corner Dundas St w and Dupont Ave July 2011



train rails bend easy,

U may not think train rails bend easy, this is a great video showing that on a articulated train.

30 Weston Rd. Stockyards Mall from 2009 | devloping firms designers statement

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from the GreenbergFarrow website

With over 30 years of experience and eight offices nationwide, GreenbergFarrow is a fully integrated architecture, planning, engineering and development services firm offering a comprehensive range of services to the retail and development communities. Having worked in nearly every state in thousands of cities nationwide, and having been involved in every aspect of the highly specialized practice of development services, GreenbergFarrow has gained an invaluable and unrivalled degree of knowledge and expertise.

Priestly Demolition continues to ren=move the external equipment from  the 30 Weston Rd.  Bunge plant.

30 Weston Rd. materials removal — from 2009 demo of animal oil plant for the stockyards mall.


Priestly Demolition continues to ren=move the external equipment from  the 30 Weston Rd.  Bunge plant.

Dominion corrugated block house view from underpass of the Old Weston Rd bridge.

image copyright Robert Teteruck

Digital Image Number: I0021487.JPG  Link to source 
Title: View from the Junction area of Toronto, with Junction railway station in background
Date: November 1982
Creator: Robert Teteruck
Format: Black and white print
Reference Code: F 4445-3
Item Reference Code: F 4445-3-0-0-2
Subject: Railroad tracks
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