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200 Annette Street – Committee of Adjustments

200 Annette Street – Committee of Adjustments

With lots of action around 200 Annette Street this week, I thought I would take a trip to Etobicoke and take a look at the proposal.  The developer’s website has some drawings of the proposal which closely resemble the drawings which I saw on file at the Committee of Adjustments.

The development requires 4 minor variances which are before the Committee of Adjustments on May 20.  The developer still has time to make changes but below is a laymen’s list of what was in the file on April 29.

  • A 4.57m wide driveway is proposed, 6.0m is required bylaw.
  • Parking Spot width of 2.74m is requested, 3.2 is required
  • The dormer height on the north side is 10.42m, 10.0m is the maximum allowable height even though the roof of the church is much higher than 10.0m
  • The proposed residential gross floor area (GFA) is 583m2 which exceeds the allowable amount by over 350m2.  The actual church is not getting significantly bigger with the condo conversion but GFA for residential is different than it is for churches.

Other notes:

  • To accommodate the driveway and parking area the site plan calls for the removal of 2 mature trees including one large tree on High Park Ave and one at the back of the site.
  • New entrance door on the west facade.
  • Five new entrance doors on the south facade
  • 10 new skylights on the south roof.
  • The site plans notes “relocate bus shelter”.  I think this is to improve the unit 1 patio view but I wonder what the TTC is going to say about that.

I hope a few facts and drawings help clear up some questions about this project.

Martin Lennox JRA co-chair

The Junction Rising

JRA - The Junction Rising - March 30 2010

The Village by High Park condo is rising rapidly over the Junction and we can now see it peeking over the surrounding buildings from St. Clair to Glenlake.

Although the west tower has 9 floors to go we can get a sense of how massive this project of over 600 units really is.  The West tower is at approximately the 14th floor of 23 and the East tower has almost topped out.

Post submitted by Martin L co-chair of the Junction Residents Association

The Good Neighbour

JRA - The Good Neighbour - March 30 2010

JRA - The Good Neighbour - March 30 2010

It’s not a Tim Hortons but the Junction has another great coffee shop on the corner of Annette and Quebec called The Good Neighbour.

The spacious and bright cafe has a trendy lounge feel with eclectic furniture, gas fireplace, and bowling alley counter.  The vintage decor blends in very nice and I expect this will be a Junction hotspot by the weekend.

The Junction coffee standards are very high and my cappuccino was as good as any in the city.  The food on a Wednesday morning was muffins and baked goods which all looked good.

Post submitted by Martin L co-chair of the Junction Residents Association

Dundas East of Keele coming into the running as a part of the Junction strip

Photo credit Martin L

The site now Photo credit Martin L

The site this past summer with google maps recored it

The site this past summer with google maps recored it

New Development on Dundas East of Keele

Two new stores have been added to the Dundas streetscape East of Keele Street.

Hopefully Green Lavender and Tails & Scale (pet store?) is just the beginning and we see more community friendly development in this part of the Junction.

…submitted by Martin L. co-chair of the Junction Residents Association

200 Annette Street – Czechoslovak Church Development – Update

200 Annette Street – Czechoslovak Church Development - Update Nov 29

Junction Residents Association update on the Czechoslovak Church on the N/E corner of High Park  Photo by  Junction Resents Association co-chair Martin L.

A zoning review has been issued for the Czechoslovak Church on the N/E corner of High Park and Annette.  This property has been up for sale twice in the last year and more than a few developers have had their eye on it.13-12-2009 4-50-22 PM

The zoning review states “convert existing church into an eight unit residential building”.

Looks like they plan to convert the church and not demo it.  Although the handyman shop is an example of how that turns out sometimes.

Hopefully the planers take the time to integrate the church structure and strike a balance of old and new similar to the Victory Lofts down the street.

Major Development on St Clair Ave West and Runnymede Rd

The development on the south side St Clair between Runnymede and Jane is kicking into high gear.  The Old Mill Pontiac dealership has just opened a huge showroom which spans both sides of Jane Street along the rail line.

West of Wal-Mart a new plaza with about a half dozen outlets is being built.  The only advertised tenant is TD Canada Trust, which is pictured here.  I’m optimistic they won’t close the Dundas Street location about 100m south of this site but I’m sure they will.

The city was planning an avenues study for this area but with this development, the new shopping centre and the big blocks they won’t have much left to study.

submitted by Martin L

2989 Dundas Street West Update

JRA - 2989 Dundas Street West Update - Oct 28 2009 (1)

Work continues with the major renovation to 2989 Dundas Street West with dozens of drywall sheets being delivered on Saturday.

This project (Demolish and rebuild 2 floors… convert 4 apartment units into 1 apartment unit, and interior alterations to G/F) is one of the biggest and most recent gentrification project to the Junction.

The final product is going to be interesting and original, you can get a good view from the No Frills parking lot.

submitted by Martin L. Junction residents association urban chair

Proposed three storey addition to existing detached dwelling 290 High Park Avenue

JRA - Oct 18 2009 002

A Zoning Review has begun for a large house located at 290 High Park Avenue.

Application number 09 176456 ZAL 00 ZR  sates “The proposal Proposed three storey addition to existing detached dwelling, and interior alterations to establish five apartments.”  As a single family home the property is currently zoned Residential General.

I don’t know what the proposed apartment building will look like but hopefully the original facade can be restored.

Submitted by JRA urban person Martin L.

238 Annette Street – Coffee Shop Proposal

238 ANNETTE ST -  new coffee shop 001

A zoning review application has been submitted to the city for the former variety store on the corner of Quebec and Annette.  The application description states  “Propose to create coffee shop with 28 seats. Previously a retail store in existence prior to zoning bylaw”

This stretch of Annette is zoned “Residential General” which does not permit a commercial application.  However this building has been commercial for the better part of a hundred years so the application will likely be permitted and the new coffee shop a welcome addition to the Junction.

Submitted by Martin L, Junction Residents Assoc. development lead

Mavety Milk Mart and Junction Gentrification

Post submitted by Martin L. the Junction Residents Assoc.  development group leader

2881 to 2887 Dundas Street West which is better known as the Mavety Milk Mart to locals and The William Rowntree Building to historians is undergoing a Zoning Review.  The building application proposes to convert 3 offices on the 2nd floor to a yoga studio and convert two apartments on the same level into one. The 1st floor and partial 3rd floor will not be renovated under this proposal.

Originally built in 1901 this historic building is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.  The renovation of the site continues a trend in the Junction of creating new employment space along with combining smaller apartments into one large unit.

The employment and new business is always welcome but the larger apartments are a sure sign of gentrification.  While these new apartments are a great place to live they have the unfortunate side effect of displacing the former tenants who inevitable leave their community for cheaper accommodations.

This Thursday at the JRA meeting I’m leading a discussion on urban development in the Junction.  The focus will be on stabilizing development and creating a plan for our ever evolving community. Come out and voice your opinion and help shape the Junction.

JRA Community Meeting

September 17th 2009, 7pm to 9pm

West Toronto Baptist Church (across from Axis)

3049 Dundas Street West

30 Weston Road – Public Meeting – Monday September 14

Removal of the last parts of the Bunge Plan on the site where the new mall will be built

Removal of the last parts of the Bunge Plant on the site where the new mall will be built

Submitted by Martin L.

The developer of the proposed shopping centre on the NW corner of Weston Road and Keele Street are hosting the first public open house for this fifty-two thousand square meeting development.

Come and see the plans for one of the largest current developments in west Toronto.  City staff and the developers will be on hand to answer questions and listen to concerns.

The meeting is Monday September 14, 2009, 7:00 pm at the York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Avenue West (Council Chambers)

Concourse Restaurant / Galaxy Donuts Update

2853 Dundas Street West - Sept 1 -01

Post by Martin L.

The scaffolding is still up around 2853 Dundas Street West but the new face of an old building is already visible and I like what I see.

The missing brickwork has been restored, the facade is retuned to its original brick and the Thompson Block looks to be on its way to being one of the best buildings in the Junction and a great example of building restoration.2853 Dundas Street West - Sept 1 -02

According to their website the restoration company, Micro Clean is also responsible for other restoration projects in the Junction including the West Toronto Paint building on the corner of Pacific and Dundas.

Hopefully the building owner on the North West corner of Keele and Dundas will take notice and schedule his building soon.

During this project much has been said about the street level tenants and the cliental of the Concourse Restaurant.  Hopefully this project will motivate the restaurant owners to match the building exterior and cleanup the inside up for the enjoyment of its existing customers and the rest of the community.

The summer of facade restoration continues

JRA Post - Forever Interiors has makeover

The Forever Interiors building Located at 2903 Dundas Street is getting a makeover.  Another Junction favourite joins the long list of buildings being revamped this summer.

Presumably the landlords have utilized of the Dundas Street West Junction/Malta Village Community Improvement Plan which offers 50/50 grants for facade restoration.  The grants values run from $2500 to $12,500 and they are available to most Junction commercial buildings.

For more details on this great program follow this link

Work begins on the Stereo King

This 3 storey building at 2989 Dundas (co Pacific) has begun a major transformation.  According to the building application the 2nd and 3rd floors will be rebuilt with a new raised roof.  The existing 4 apartments will be converted into one large living space.

As the Junction is redeveloped numerous buildings will be transformed through major renovations like this one.  Changes are inevitable but I hope more developers make the effort and financial commitment to maintain the original facade and character of our high street.

It appears this developer will be keeping the face of the building but the next one might not be so accommodating.

In an effort to preserve the Junction the JRA will be kicking off a Junction Preservation Committee to review our options for historic preservation.  The JRA will have more details at our next meeting on September 17 2009.

City Cleanup!


On Sunday a small team of city managers was in the Junction cleaning along Dundas Street.  The mess is starting to build so their efforts are appreciated.

I also appreciated the friendliness of the city works at our temporary garbage dump, George Bell Arena parking lot.  I’ve made two drops in the past 5 weeks and both times I was greeted with a pleasant demeanour and good service despite the difficult working conditions these works have been put in.