Bike lane out of the Junction, it’s scary

I really love that this bike lane is there, and always use it.

Is anyone having a fright using the bike lane that transfers you from Annette St to Dupont Ave? 

As you come up to it while biking eastwards on Annette St., pictured below car drivers always seem confused about what it is. Some past though it to change lanes, which is where the risk for bikers occurs.

On the other side of Dundas St W. where Annette St. becomes DuPont Ave. the bike lane enters a the steep down hill drop which u have to be very careful with. With snow on the road it’s very easy for the one wheels to slide out under you as you are turning and going downhill.

All in all the bike lane has made this intersection actually usable, half its there now,

But can we have a bike only travel signal light?  

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