Building Activity at 2926 Dundas St. West. Nee Rue Morgue

The city has refused an alteration and change of use on second floor from residential into office. at 2926 Dundas St. West.

Is this good decision? This author would guess it is a direct application of the city official plan and current bylaws.

Yet – and this the blog does not know – is it best for the community to retain residential living space above the shops on the Junction strip or allow a few to become business premises again?

In addition the basement is being underpinned to lower basement slab – to gain height it would seem.

Underpinning, lower slab and bench footing to basement of existing building. Replace existing pad footings and columns with larger footings and posts and enlarge existing pad footings. Minor interior alterations.


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  1. Brian says:

    The more people who work in The Junction, but don’t live here, the greater the reputation of the area grows. An employee who works here but doesn’t live here goes home to their neighborhood and says: “The place I work at has a really great X nearby.” Reputation is the highest form of flattery, to paraphrase. It’s the urban dwellers version of television. Office is better than residential on a second floor of a main strip building.

  2. junctionist says:

    I think it’s good to have a mix of uses like both businesses and apartments/condominiums. It keeps eyes on the street at all times of the day, not just during business hours.

  3. junctioneer says: (Author)

    UPDATE 2926 DUNDAS ST W now Allowed as of Apr 16, 2013 ouch!

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