Caledonia train siding converted to towns with great view of the park.


50  town homes in  – Davenport Village. Built on the site of an old train spur side to side transport off load facility. Next to the development to the south some of the 1960’s though 70’s small industrial buildings remain. Light industrial mixed with house – so Greater Junction Area.

The series of builds rise at the roof-line as the build moves south. All have a view of the park.  in what seems to a trend in infill Toronto development the builder has used oriel windows as the defining facade detail, n these builds right above the entrance doors. The developer has also designed a  top floor balcony to view the park.


The concrete noise / train wall

The concrete noise / train wall




The Park view






140_logo Main - Model Suite


Example units, the most expensive and the least their are 7 various priced units in between these at different prices.


From $438,900
Indoor Living Area: 1,298 sq. ft.
2 storeys
2 bedrooms
1.5 bathrooms




From $302,900
Indoor Living Area: 681 sq. ft.
2 storeys
1 bedrooms
1 bathrooms


  • The Drain Water Heat Recovery systems ensure that you can recover heat from the hot water used in your home.
  • Increased insulation on all doors, windows, walls and ceilings provides a more comfortable home that doesn’t waste heat.
  • Energy and water efficient features — such as high performing, low-flow plumbing fixtures,and ENERGY STAR®** appliances — help home owners conserve resources and lower monthly costs.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation brings fresh filtered air in, ensuring that your home always has the best air quality.
  • The “All-Off ” Switch saves time and conserves energy with one flick of the switch.
  • Over 75% of construction waste is diverted from the landfill.



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  1. James says:

    Can we get another update on this project with pics?
    It sounds very interesting, great location and builder seems to have a good reputation about beeing green (leed).
    Another point to note…how rare it is to finally get some towns with unobstructed views front and back!!!
    I think these will grow very well in time.
    Hope to get new updates soon.
    Thanks for your time and help

  2. James says:


    This project sounds very interesting but i believe its almost sold out….too bad.

    How rare is it to finally get some townhomes with unobstructed views front and back!! Most of others project I’ve found, you can see what your neighbor is having for supper!

    I’ve been looking for some townhomes in the area for quite some time now and its nice to finally find something that blends nicely in the neighborhood. Also, I heard that this builder “Minto” seems to be very green with these towns being LEED certified.

    Can we please get some more updates (with more pics) ???

    Thanks a lot for your help and time.

  3. Carlos says:

    As a long time resident of the neighborhood, this project brought some life in the aera. Full of young professionals and young families.

    Also interesting to note, the Dairy Freeze at the corner is closing down by mid 2014 (together with the hair salon and the banana delivery cie) for new mid-rise residential/commercial developments.

    On the Toronto city website you can read that the city has big projects in mind to re-vamp the north and south west corners of Caledonia and st. Clair.

    This change in the neighborhood has been a long time coming and sounds very promising!!

  4. junctionist says:

    It’s interesting that St. Clair is getting condo developments because many people assume that only subways generate that kind of development activity. St. Clair doesn’t even have a LRT line; it’s a streetcar in a right-of-way. The ROW transformation has improved the street and developers are taking notice that it has become a more desirable place to live.

  5. Moe says:

    This project seem to have issues with sidewalk, someone messed up, maybe the builder (Minto) or the city, check out this article from the Toronto Star:

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