Canada embraces ‘love exiles’ in the Junction

Today in the Toronto Star ther is a local story that relates to the Junction.

from the story…

Photo credit Toronto Star

Photo credit Toronto Star

“Canada has a very inclusive immigration system and you get a lot of good people here,” said Batchelder, who has a doctoral degree in linguistics. “But you just can’t drop them into the country and there’s nobody to follow them up and track them.”

Eleanor Batchelder, an American, and Fumiko Ohno of Tokyo lived that reality for 22 years until a year ago January, when the lesbian couple landed as permanent residents in Toronto {in the Junction} – one of many “love exiles” settling here.

link to Toronto Star Article link  [full story opens in new window]

Eleanor has been very helpful in the Junction residents Association working to get the associations Wiki up and filled. Any recently encouraging the opening up self registering on the wiki so anyone can contribute.

Junction Residents Association wiki

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