Canadian Feather fire 1905

Canadian Feather & Mattress Company, Melinda St.,north side, east of Bay St., fire ( May 9, 1905)


Taken just a year and a few weeks after the Great Toronto Fire of 1904, this dramatic shot of the fire at the Canadian Feather & Mattress Company on Melinda St. just east of Bay Street, illustrates the difficulty that the new taller buildings posed to firefighters. The relatively newly-developed elevator technology of the day allowed building to be built taller than ever before — far outstripping the fire department’s ability to propel water!

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1905

Identifier: B 4-92e

Format: Picture

Rights: Public domain

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library.

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  1. junctionist says:

    Notice, though, that the flames were just added in by an artist.

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