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Why are other areas of the city, receiving so much more money than the Junction for infastucture.

Regent park is over 50 percent completed in its  revitalization,  with large tracts of community house being built in smaller sections of market rate housing.  At the beginning of the video through the below easy block 23 of the Daniels corporation,  A small block consisting of market rate homes starting at 1.2 million.

Just up the street in a bit to the right and being close to Nelson Mandela public-school is a high-rise long also developed by the just up the street in a bit to the right and being close to Nelson Mandela public-school is a high-rise block also developed by  The Daniels corporation.  The Daniels corporation is developing both the community housing in the private housing in the area. The quality and design of the Daniels Corporation  development layout and building construction  In subsidized and market rate housing  is exceptional.

The community funds the Daniels Corporation  is required to contribute to community structures and spaces in the area as part of their agreement to be the master developer of the Regent Park  revitalization,  are what is really revitalize you the area.

However the Daniels community funds as required by the city,  commonly referred to as  commonly referred to section 37 funds,  we are not the only major contributing funds to the redevelopment spending spree on community spaces buildings and ongoing activities.

The MLSE Foundation  has  contribute a large amount towards the region are green space and sports green.

…but I live in the Junction, why should I care about all this



Simply because the Junction community buildings and cultural spaces are outmoded and thread bear. In no way can any of the parks, recreation centres service the current situation and needs of the community. And as This blog author travels non stop accross the city to community building and municipal public use space, I rattle.  The Annette recreation centre (1972) does not have an older adult room nor a  Multi use room for the community. The junction has an unused police station but a few number of people have worked diligently to the community use what do you just not have neede The junction has an unused police station but a few number of people have worked diligently to the community use,  but they have just not had the support needed. Well in in Parkdale area, the community  has taken control and retrofitted to older use buildings,  One being the w being the Walbash Building.

As the system of section 37 funds disbursement into the areas only adjacent to the real estate development providing the funds, sp disbursement into the areas only adjacent to the real estate development providing the funds,  section 37 does not work.

But section 37 funds are not the only way for community to revitalize itself, community groups with directed intention and solicit funds to greater magnitude the most people expect from foundations,  at higher levels of government. As this happens in good measure in the area such as Regent Park, North Bathurst, Cork Town and more, and the Junction  in the Junction triangle lag significantly in  receiving this funny.

This post is getting a bit long, but the Junction is a great community, and does not need to settle for less.

Contruction in Regent Park today.






Vine Ave. Parkette and the retail development of 108 Vine Ave.

06-02-2013 4-50-58 PM



Vine Ave is home to some of the most exciting and dynamic public space and happenings  in the Junction. An array of all ages use the parkette all though-out the day. Equally important to the parkette are the  peacemaking activities people and groups create to gather and recreate in the parkette. There’s also the historic sense of Vine Ave and it’s parkette as the community high-street north of Dundas in The Junction neighborhood.


Does the community need to make sure that any development – at least those such as the grocery store at 108 Vine Ave. – that need a zoning change, address the effects on the activities at the park and the 14 hours or so new traffic conditions that will go with it.

…at least, prohibited driving restrictions for the parkette area. 

Is a major change fast approaching Vine Ave. site? Vacant lot next to Vine Parkette is cleaned out

No trucks, no small debris, just a great view of the tracks and three shipping containers.


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Reversing the long, slow decline in funding for TO parks

Image – Carlton Park –  Toronto April 29th 1913

Text from the newsletter

Let City Council know that parks are important to you and that a gradual, slow decline in city support for our parks is not good for your park and community. You can depute to the City’s budget committee, send in your comments or write your local city councillor. Find out how here. Toronto City Council will discuss and vote on the budget at the Council meeting on January 15-17, 2013.

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Vine Parkette power-wash day today

Misty soapy water floating around the parkette today as the Sparkeen company powerwashes.


In the image above they are powering washing the tables.




Shocking activity by city council members and staff


The blog wanted to highlight a particularity worrisome point brought out publicly by the  Toronto Public Space  (TPSI) group in their report on unprecedented policies that will allow the city to sell off the names of public spaces and bring in aggressive advertising into them, including parks and playgrounds. (see this post – its below this one)

Yet they are bringing local business Improvement associations (BIA’s) into the decision-making and planning activities about these changes. That is right, the local retail store owners across the city are being consulted and allowed into the fold to decide how local parks are named and what advertising will go into them, Yes, big advertisers are involved too and their ads in parks and parkettes are probably not welcome also. But residents and community groups such as residents associations are not part of the consultation process.

“the inclusion of BIAs in a consultation process to the exclusion of all other stakeholders” 1

Simply,  1st importance of the what the parks are to the community of people who use them is being removed from the people.

Hopefully the ethical BIA’s in Toronto with see the folly of of being associated with this. BIA’s are structured and created to improve retail streets and businesses within their areas.


  1. Toronto Public Space  (TPSI)

Vine Parkette new play area now open

Dumping of waste in the Junction



The past month or so, a greater amount of illegal dumping has occurred in the hood. A few examples.


Vine Park dumping

Today sept 28th 2011 Vine parkette



Mulock Ave dumping Sept 26th -2011 12-50PM

Vine Ave Parkette wood chips going in


Although this author liked the installation last time when the play station to the east went up when the community piled in the wood chips, see this post

Vine parkette Baseball diamond hits the dust today

well right now at 11:49am



But whats to replace it their seemingly is a lot of conversation over the current plans to place a new Jr play equipment centre in the area near where the the coming down baseball diamond is but little interest in getting involved as to what is going to be done.

Is the parkette to lose it wonderful green space?


Update 1:21 pm June 20th

A very good comment by reader John has been posted in the comments section of this post outlining the emails between the councilors office and himself, Click here to go to his comment.

Update 2 about the same time.

This author also wrote an email to the  councilor about the situation, asking for a public meeting about what can be done not what is being done.

The councilors office is correct there was public opinion fed into the process though an in park meeting – yet even then there was concern about the second phase.

But no matter that public forum was held coming up on over 4 years ago, times change in the Junction so much since then…

is it all to hard to have another look before something is placed there for the next 20 years?


The trucks the men


Pulling the concrete


the foundations