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Baird Park has longest arc swing set in the area

 Baird Park at 275 Keele St has the longest arc swing in the area, created by a higher than normal for the height of horizontal support and support wings and and a swing seat positioned lower to the ground.  Seated and riding through the lowest point  the swing passes, ensuring to keep  the swinger’s body at a  quiet state, the body of the riders as almost floating – a wonderful feeling  for a toddler.






Reversing the long, slow decline in funding for TO parks

Image – Carlton Park –  Toronto April 29th 1913

Text from the newsletter

Let City Council know that parks are important to you and that a gradual, slow decline in city support for our parks is not good for your park and community. You can depute to the City’s budget committee, send in your comments or write your local city councillor. Find out how here. Toronto City Council will discuss and vote on the budget at the Council meeting on January 15-17, 2013.

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Vine Parkette front gardens … Parks department seeking interest from community members to maintain front beds

If interested you can write the parks supervisor for Vine Parkette (and all the parks in the ward) at

Keele St & Humberside Ave – great side facade


just look at –
the inset eves setback to the window just under the roof line
just look at –
the 1st floor arched windows