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Reversing the long, slow decline in funding for TO parks

Image – Carlton Park –  Toronto April 29th 1913

Text from the newsletter

Let City Council know that parks are important to you and that a gradual, slow decline in city support for our parks is not good for your park and community. You can depute to the City’s budget committee, send in your comments or write your local city councillor. Find out how here. Toronto City Council will discuss and vote on the budget at the Council meeting on January 15-17, 2013.

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Vine Parkette front gardens … Parks department seeking interest from community members to maintain front beds

If interested you can write the parks supervisor for Vine Parkette (and all the parks in the ward) at

Wonderful park furniture


…really there are no words need to describe how perfect this work is , the piece becomes  a self contained shelter and community place in this setting.


Constructed from thick folded steel drawn, shaped and fabricated with painstaking accuracy, this bold red structure is an enigmatic resting and conversation point - Design: sixteen*(makers) at The Bartlett UCL

200 Keele Street 195 & 203 Oakmount Road community meeting this Thursday



Trees and reduction of landscaped areas and the weakening of the  backyard lot requirements are issues that should be addressed by the community council at the Apr 23, 2009 meeting.


Link to the staff action report on this development

JunctionRA Schools and Parks map

Schools and Parks

Schools and Parks IMAGE use link below to attend actual map

Over at the JunctionRA’s wiki on the Schools and Parks page there is now a map showing all the schools and parks in the community

(created by Eleanor)

Eleanor’s notes to the map

Here is a map of the schools and parks in our area.  You can refer to the list below the map, or click on any marker to see its name and other information.  Although many of the schools are not in the Junction proper, their catchment areas include some Junction addresses.

Smoking outlawed at Toronto playgrounds

Toronto has extended the prohibition to anywhere within nine metres of a city playground, splash pad or wading pool

from code amendment endorsing the ban….

proposed amendments to Municipal Code, Chapter 608, Parks will prohibit smoking in children’s recreational play areas and will be enforced by By-law Officers of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division. Smoking should be prohibited within a 9-metre radius surrounding the edge of playground safety surfaces or any playground equipment in Toronto parks, within a 9-metre radius surrounding the edge of wading pool basins or safety surfaces of splash pads and within zoos and farms operated by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. This restriction is consistent with Ontario legislation that bans smoking within a 9-metre radius of entrances and exits of hospital buildings.

from the Toronto Star article today…

Officials confess it may be difficult to enforce, but Brenda Patterson, parks general manager, expects to be helped by community self-policing. Just as officers are not standing around looking for dogs off leash or illegal dumping, enforcement will occur if individuals call in a complaint, she said.

Parents and parks staff can simply ask a smoker to put out their cigarette. “Children who recognize it’s a no-smoking area will make comments themselves,” Patterson said.

The ban will go into effect when the province sets the fine amount. The city is hoping for a $305 fine.

The city will spend $16,000 for no-smoking signs in 833 playgrounds and elsewhere. It also plans a public education campaign.
Link to report presented to counsillors [opens in new window]

Demo permit application for 200 Keele St. submitted

The demo permit application came out for the new townhouses on Keele.  See related post for all the issues asscoiated with this development.


demo permit application screen shot 200 Keele ST.

demo permit application screen shot 200 Keele ST.

Submitted by Martin L.

200 Keele Street, 195 & 203 Oakmount Road


200 Keele Street to construct a two block, three-storey, 24-unit, existing 15-unit rental townhouse block will be demolished.

To construct a two block, three-storey, 24-unit condominium townhouse development an applicant is proposing to sever the rear portions of 195 and 203 Oakmount Road and add it to the property at 200 Keele Street. The existing 15-unit rental townhouse block will be demolished.

With a lot area of .48 hectares (1.18 acres) and 27.4 metres (90 feet) of frontage on the west side of Keele Street, and part of site which abuts Lithuania Park to the south, the property at at this time contains a 15-unit block of 3-
bedroom, rental townhouses built in 1978.

Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application –
Preliminary Report

Property Owner:



Zoned R2 Z0.6 in the former City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 438-86