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Toronto Park Summit this coming Saturday May 12th, the junctioneer blog will be posting updates from the event all day

Organized by Park People, on Saturday, May 12 at the Brickworks, starting at 1 p.m. Keynote speaker is Robert Hammond, co-founder of the famed High Line elevated park in Manhattan.

You can attend – Registration is free (and/or PWYC) but space is limited.

Click here to register

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Wonderful park furniture


…really there are no words need to describe how perfect this work is , the piece becomes  a self contained shelter and community place in this setting.


Constructed from thick folded steel drawn, shaped and fabricated with painstaking accuracy, this bold red structure is an enigmatic resting and conversation point - Design: sixteen*(makers) at The Bartlett UCL

Skate park for Vine Ave Parkette?

As talk about a skatepark at the parkette continues…

Here our some snaps of the current Skateboard Park at Coxwell Ave and Lake-shore Blvd east. In addition to the skateboarders you can see a non skate boarding couple walking though.

UPDATE: had commenter go all heated in the posts just after posting this – urging me to talk to the skaters. (read his comments in the comments sections) Although I wonder why he got so mad at my posting of an exciting skate boarding event.  Although seems he didn’t have the time to care to go to the event and support these skaters. Note: if you have trouble with a post on thus blog, before yelling at me put your mind to action and feet to ground.

for world class small park skate yards…see



Vine Ave parkette baseball diamond coming down.. if the crew returns Wednesday the 18th it will be completely gone.

The west fence wall


note the chain link fencing material missing from the structure


a last night for the probably 1972 installed diamond, it replaced 6 Sur Gain grain silos


The blog has  a image of what was planned, although I do not what changes have been made since this image was distributed.

A commenter’s stated he had spoken to the  parks personal dismantling the diamond and was told it was to be a new play structure.

So I thought I would post the image

I know the Junction Residents Association held info sessions about this, which I was unable to attend and they may (probably) had more up to date plans. The  City of  Toronto has narrowly defined suppliers and type list for playground structures. This limited choice is probably and risk management  driven plan, rather than a disengagement of the the parks designers with what Toronto communities what.


the image…

Toronto Parks Image


New York Pork on St Clair West comes down

A really long time after the fire.