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Energy use at Vine Ave playground and Malta Park


In the Junction Vine Ave playground use the most electricity per year, while Malta Park use 11 times less electrical energy


Operation Name Malta Park
Address 3187 Dundas St W
Electricity (kWh) 453

Operation Name Vine Avenue Playground
Address 200 Vine Av
Electricity (kWh) 5,447

GHG Emissions (Kg) 463

Total Energy Energy (GJ) 20

Wading Pools open in the city on Thursday, June 30

and run until, Sunday, September 4, 2016 (schedules may vary)





Free Vine park Pop-up Camp Aug 20th to 23rd 1pm to 3pm




Vine Ave. Parkette and the retail development of 108 Vine Ave.

06-02-2013 4-50-58 PM



Vine Ave is home to some of the most exciting and dynamic public space and happenings  in the Junction. An array of all ages use the parkette all though-out the day. Equally important to the parkette are the  peacemaking activities people and groups create to gather and recreate in the parkette. There’s also the historic sense of Vine Ave and it’s parkette as the community high-street north of Dundas in The Junction neighborhood.


Does the community need to make sure that any development – at least those such as the grocery store at 108 Vine Ave. – that need a zoning change, address the effects on the activities at the park and the 14 hours or so new traffic conditions that will go with it.

…at least, prohibited driving restrictions for the parkette area. 

Is a major change fast approaching Vine Ave. site? Vacant lot next to Vine Parkette is cleaned out

No trucks, no small debris, just a great view of the tracks and three shipping containers.


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5:25 Friday Vine Ave closed Mc Murray Ave. to Pacific Ave. access to Vine Parkette restricted to lane way off Mc Murray ave/Vine Ave. because of downed hydro pole

Two garbage trucks attempting to pass each other on Vine Ave have knocked down a pole in front of Vine Parkette.

The one by the water fountain on the sidewalk. This pole was really in bad shape and even wonky before this knock down occurred.

Vine Parkette power-wash day today

Misty soapy water floating around the parkette today as the Sparkeen company powerwashes.


In the image above they are powering washing the tables.




Anyone for a weekend guerrilla park project for Vine Ave Parkette this spring?

Anyone for a weekend build it use family guerrilla park project this spring in Vine Ave Parkette.

Two days of building and playing with unique parent child interactive play stuff.

Here a great example of a parent child seasAw that can be built half day.

materials, tools, food, fun play parents and kids making, playing together, and of course everyone else letting out their inner kid.

Real question this is.


Wonderful park furniture


…really there are no words need to describe how perfect this work is , the piece becomes  a self contained shelter and community place in this setting.


Constructed from thick folded steel drawn, shaped and fabricated with painstaking accuracy, this bold red structure is an enigmatic resting and conversation point - Design: sixteen*(makers) at The Bartlett UCL

Vine Parkette new play area now open

Vine Parkette new play area to open when grass is stable in about two weeks

Spoke to the person watering the new grass today, and was told the fence would need to stay, about two more weeks to let the grass grow in.






Vine Ave Parkette final grass going in Tuesday morning 10:10 am

While further cleanup of the piles of dirt are being removed by the prime contractor.





Vine Ave Parkette wood chips going in


Although this author liked the installation last time when the play station to the east went up when the community piled in the wood chips, see this post

Vine Ave Parkette nears completion.





Play Equip Arriving now

Vine parkette manufactured play equipment arriving now 3pm Monday