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Road surfacing in the Greater Junction Areas and one of the sticky on pieces

Davenport Road Davenport Rd, west, from Gillespie - October 8, 1923 By: Vintage Toronto

Davenport Road
Davenport Rd, west, from Gillespie – October 8, 1923
By: Vintage Toronto


Tender #138-2013

Wards 11&12 – York South Weston Ward 13 – Parkdale-High Park Ward 15 – Davenport

All information from this city contract award.


Award of Tender Call No. 138-2013 to Sanscon Construction Ltd.

Major Road Resurfacing

….Bloor St. West, from Jane St. to Old Mill Dr. – Starting  July 29th Work will take place from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

….and Old Weston Rd. from Davenport Rd. to St. Clair Ave. West including Road Reconstruction on Garrow Ave.

….from Hilldale Rd. to Dead End and Kincourt St. from Castlefield Ave. to Northwestern Ave.


$1,492,500.00 net of all applicable taxes and charges

$1,686,525.00 including all applicable taxes and charges

$1,518,768.00 net of HST recoveries

Contract is expected to start on June 14, 2013 and end on October 12, 2013.


Further info is not available from the city unless the blog pays a fee of.

Non-refundable document fee: $100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00  




GO Transit Service Walking Tours – June 12, 6

GO Transit Service Walking Tours – June 12, 6:00pm

GO walking tours are back! Join members of the West Toronto Diamond project team as we walk and talk about the ongoing construction, and what it means for your community.

West Toronto Diamond Tour
Wednesday, June 12 – Starts at 6:00 p.m.
Meet at 18 Hook Avenue, Suite 204 (Community Office)

Stockyards retail development landscape images.

The huge and highly anticipated retail mall at the north west corner of St Clair Ave and Keele St. has had building permits issued.

But right now the most viable and rather striking feature of the conversation of the last major lot in the old stockyards area are the large landscape views afforded.

These image were taken access the new TTC loop on St Clair Ave. at Gunns Rd. Also pictured below showing addition landscape work being performed.

– TTC loop below

MPP Cheri DiNovo to host Town Hall meeting on Daycare


Italicized text from

Daycare is an ongoing issue in Ontario, and every parent in Parkdale-High Park knows that our community is  one of the worst hit when it comes to wait times, daily costs and new daycare openings.

Did you know that daycare costs only $17/day in Manitoba?

…And only $7/day in Quebec?

Cheri will be hosting a Town Hall meeting to discuss these issues.  We ask you to join us to listen to our panelists and share your stories and opinions.

WHAT:  Daycare Town Hall
WHEN:  Thursday, Jan 26th, 7:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE:  Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Secondary School, 1515 Bloor St. W (Dundas and Bloor)
In the staff room (follow the signs)
WHO:  Hosted by MPP Cheri DiNovo and featuring a panel of guests including:

  • Ward 13 Councillor Sarah Doucette
  • Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks
  • Andrea Calver (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care)
  • City of Toronto Staff.

Toronto GJA Councillors: Office Expense Reporting 2010 to 2011..oh the changes


During 2011 new councillors aimed and accomplished the reduction of their office budgets of their old counter parts, while returning councillors greatly reduced their spending. Is this all  simply political thrift, that has come about by the seeming dissatisfaction with the politicos running the city, or do the people really want their elected people saving ten to twenty thousand dollars of their office budget.

Considering that these budgets are used by the councillor to service their electors. Is there simply grater loss than the saving of the funds.


below the blog has captured the 2010 and 2011 spending amounts of the area councillors.


Descriptive text from City web site…

Each Councillor has an office expense budget to pay for expenses that are allowable under the Councillor Expense Policy. City Council, at its meeting of April 15, 2010, approved a 5% reduction in the office expense budget for each Councillor. The annual budget of $53,100 has been reduced to $50,445. As 2010 is an election year, Councillors are allocated 11/12ths of the approved office expense budget until the end of the Council term, November 30, 2010, therefore each Councillor has an office expense budget of $46,241.25. The remaining 1/12th of the budget is allocated to December for returning Councillors. New Councillors also receive 1/12th of the allocation, $4,203.75 for the month.The Mayor has an annual operating budget approved by Council. Expenses disclosed relate to non-salary expenditures from this budget.



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6 Lloyd Avenue upcoming meeting Thursday May 12, 2011 7:00 pm at George Bell Arena

Manny a commenter brought this too the blogs attention.

circle defines lot area

You can call the Councillors Frances Nunziata office for info if needed.
Phone: 416-392-4091

Meeting is Confirmed for the following date.

Thursday May 12, 2011 7:00 pm at George Bell Arena



Post Victorian rear

Just look what can done with similar types of housing buildings that bare common in the Junction.

An addition type that really builds out and creates wonderful living space.

…and does not attack the historic fabric of the building.

The above image is in Italy

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Wallace Avenue Footbridge as art

On October 2, 2010, as part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the Wallace Avenue Footbridge in West Toronto will be transformed into a huge, shimmering chandelier.

For one night only, electric trains are coming to the Junction Triangle to celebrate the neighbourhood’s rebellious spirit.

For details, visit and

The depiction of quiet, clean, efficient
electric rail might be disturbing to some.

Where Wallace Avenue meets
the West Toronto Railpath
A free all-night contemporary art event
October 2, 2010 | 6:57 p.m. to sunrise

Presented by artists Richard Mongiat and Jeff
Winch and the Junction Triangle Rail Committee.

Thanks to Kevin P for bringing this to the blogs attention

Book found – thanks

Thank to the two blog readers that sent in the title of the book (SP & Jay) for helped me locate the book


Toronto Sprawls: A History (University of Toronto Centre for Public Management Monograph) (Paperback)

Lawrence Solomon (Author)

here is the link:

(link provided by SP)

Metrolinx conditions on the Georgetown South Service Expansion placed by Environment Minister John Gerretsen


…from the Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment news release

Eighteen conditions on the Georgetown South Service Expansion that address concerns raised by the community about the effect of diesel emissions on human health and air quality. Three highlights are as follows:

Trains operated by GO Transit on the Georgetown rail corridor
and the Union Pearson Rail Link service must use Tier 4 state of the art
engines when the service expansion begins or as soon as the
technology is commercially available;

blog detail link… here is a PDF from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

details issues related to their Locomotive and Marine Diesel Emissions reductions tiers

(link to to their site PDF) click here for a copy archived on this blog

A significant human health and mitigation plan must be put in place

to address any remaining risks to human health after Tier 4 engines

are in operation on the line;

depending on the availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with sulfur

content capped at 15 parts per million, which will be available by 2012. 1

An ambient air monitoring and reporting plan must be put in place

with monitoring locations situated within the boundaries of the

Georgetown South Corridor or within the adjacent community.

complete report opens in new windows as a

PDF file from MOE site from a PDF file archived on this site

  1. Regulatory announcement – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Porch Re-Creation, 5 Cross Street lauded by Heritage Toronto

the benefit of thoughtful choice

This porch recreation in the Weston area, is a great example of what  can be done to bring back some character to a avenue, instead of simply building something functional just to suit a purpose. The before and after pictures clearly issue a  call for more of this type of renovation in the older suburbs of Toronto, of which The Junction and Weston were in earlier periods of time, although at different times.

This particular  project was commissioned  by the homeowners and carried out under the direction of a architect, and built by a contractor, which is just one of the ways to achieve  the same result. Homeowners can choose to research the design of  ornamentation details suited for there themselves. This can often be done by simply walking around the community and snapping a few shots and maybe some added research at the local public library, most of which have a great selection of local history items readily available.  They can then work with a contractor to develop a project inline with the historical character with the contractor, or the industrious and craft minded can work to create the new poach themselves.

West Toronto is full of small wood shops that would be inexpensive sources for the bespoke woodwork pieces required. Also the community has a large base of craft builders, many open to sectional jobs, where the homeowner does some of the work.


Heritage Toronto text

The owners of this Victorian home in Weston embarked on a project to create a replica porch for the front of their house consistent with the 1889 construction period of the building. After careful research, including looking at other houses from the period, the porch was constructed from Ontario white pine with detailed ornamentation such as brackets, turnings and other elements custom manufactured. The structure was finished with a heritage colour paint.


Commissioned by: Martin Weigelin & Leslie Mah
Architect: Anthony Belcher Architect
Crafts Person/Contractor: Sandilands WoodworkingAfter

Fenwick Automotive Product a big part of their site is for lease

Aug 16th 2009 002In 2008 top employers of Toronto  Fenco Products was listed in the group of 1,000-2,499 people employed business at their plant located at 1100 Caledonia Rd. deeper classification identified them as  a Mfr-mtr vehicle parts 3363 All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing.

Now much of their manufacturing plant sits empty awaiting a renter. It appears the company still has a head office at this location and manufacturing plants elsewhere.

Hoipefully this large industrial tract will remain industrial.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health objects to Metrolinx’s proposed diesel rail expansion in Georgetown South Corridor


The Medical Officer of Health has posted a Letter of Objection regarding the diesel train expansion.

The letter written to the The Honourable John Gerretsen Minister of the Environment  supports a transit expansion based on electrification, and  requests that, as Minister of the Environment, you permit the project to proceed only under the following conditions:

1. That new train services and service expansions proceed only as electrified services;

2. That Metrolinx be required to conduct ambient air quality monitoring prior to

implementation of new train services or service expansions, in order to establish an air

quality baseline and concentration gradient. The chemicals to be measured are:

• Combustion gases – carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide;

• Particulate matter (ultrafine (PM0.1), respirable (PM2.5) and inhalable (PM10);

• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, 1,3-butadiene,

benzene and acrolein;

• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – total and benzo(a)pyrene; and,

• Greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; and

3. That Metrolinx establish a community liaison committee to:

• Deal with issues arising from the proposed construction;

• Provide input on selection of mitigation strategies; and,

• Provide input to the mobility hub planning process.

full letter link here with more city docs link below.

The Honourable John Gerretsen
Minister of the Environment