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Video of Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Meeting: 2016-04-27

Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Meeting: 2016-04-27

Published on Apr 28, 2016

A mostly complete video of Metrolinx’s meeting regarding the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation on April 27 2016, at St. Sebastien Catholic School 

by Vic Gedris.

St. Clair Avenue Study – Between Old Weston Rd & Blackthorn Ave/Spring Grove Ave referred



from the AGENDA ITEm with highlighted sections

City-Initiated St. Clair Avenue Study – Between Old Weston Road and Blackthorn Avenue/Spring Grove Avenue – OMB Official Plan Amendment Appeal and Potential Zoning By-law Amendment

– Supplementary Report #4
Community Council Decision
Etobicoke York Community Council referred this Item back to the Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District, and further:

1. Requested City Planning staff to obtain a further report from the independent Environmental Consulting firm retained by the City; with conclusions and recommendations, and to comment and advise on any further revisions to the proposed policy framework and regulatory approvals as set out in the proposed Draft Modifications to the Official Plan Amendment No. 84, as it relates to other residential sites, for example:

a. Odour and Air Quality Assessment for the recently built “Options For Homes” three apartment towers, off Keele Street, and adjacent to the NRT site immediately to the north, where all the apartment buildings are higher than 16 m.

b. Odour and Air Quality Assessment for the existing TCHC buildings at 61 Pelham Park Gardens and Symington Place at 1884 Davenport Road, immediately to the east of the NRT site, where both apartment buildings are higher than 16 m.

c. Any assessment, comments, or recommendations should include and not be limited to: nuisance odours measured in odour units (“OU”) that can be detected and show where it originates; and any receptor (on-site) mitigation measures.

d. Any other examples in other parts of the City, like the Long Branch Area, where “H” provisions have not been implemented, and how it relates to the St. Clair Avenue Study.

e. Proposed “at-receptor mitigation” alternatives that can be included in any “H” provisions or Official Plan Amendment, that better share the burden of mitigation fairly between any potential applicants for new development and the existing polluter, including alternatives that place the onus entirely on the polluter.

2. Requested City Planning staff to ensure that the Environmental Consultant report also includes:

a. Any existing “regulatory standard” for odour levels or guidelines and how odour levels are identified or where it originates.

b. The regulatory standards or guidelines that are in place, where an average person would be able to perceive a difference between odour levels of building heights between 16 m. and 39 m. or how significantly different any “OU” are at higher heights compared to 16 m. height.

c. The reasonableness and practicability of the proposed Draft Modifications and “H” provisions from the community’s perspective in terms of economic revitalization of the commercial strip that is in dire need.

3. Directed City Planning staff to consult with businesses and residents on any further reports.

4. Requested City Planning staff to give full consideration to the removal of the “H” provision as part of the report back to Etobicoke York Community Council.
(February 6, 2014) Report from the Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District
At its meeting of September 10, 2013, Etobicoke York Community Council deferred consideration of a Planning report (Item EY26.6) on the St. Clair Avenue Study between Old Weston Road and Blackthorn Avenue/Spring Grove Avenue and requested staff to hold a public consultation meeting on the proposed policy framework and regulatory approach set out in the Draft Modification to Official Plan Amendment No. 84 and report back no later than January 2014 with a revised Draft Modification that reflected comments gathered at the public consultation meeting.

A report on the findings and outcome of the community consultation meeting was considered by the Etobicoke York Community Council at its meeting of January 15, 2014. The report also advised that Planning staff had retained the services of an environmental consulting firm to peer review the Draft Modification but had to yet assess the report findings and potential impacts to the proposed policy framework. At this meeting, Etobicoke York Community Council directed Planning staff to report to the February 25, 2014 meeting of Community Council on the outcome of the peer review process.

This report provides a summary of the findings from the peer review process and recommends approval of a revised Draft Modification to Official Plan Amendment No. 84.
Financial Impact
There are no financial implications resulting from the adoption of this report.
Background Information
(February 6, 2014) Report from the Director, Community Planning, Etobicoke York District regarding an OMB Official Plan Amendment Appeal and Potential Zoning By-law Amendment – City-Initiated St. Clair Avenue Study – Between Old Weston Road and Blackthorn Avenue/Spring Grove Avenue

Cesar Palacio on the Ward 11 and 17 regarding widening the road at St.Clair and Keele between Old Weston Rd & Keele

28-11-2013 4-53-10 PM

Cesar Palacio Public meeting report – thks to commentor Manny who brought this to the blogs attention

Toronto City Councillor
Ward 17 – Davenport

Environmental Assessment- Improvements Underway
In order to reach a permanent solution to this nightmare, I led the charge at City Council
to conduct an Environmental Assessment, which is currently underway. The purpose of
this assessment is to develop options that will alleviate the congestion and bring back
commuter sanity to St. Clair Avenue West.
With the support and backing of Ward 17 Residents Associations, BIA’s and Community
Organizations, I was able to convince City Council to set aside $32 million to deal
with the above noted bottle-neck and the traffic nightmare along St. Clair.
My preferred options to deal with this inexcusable mess include: widening portions of St.
Clair between Old Weston Road and Keele Street, extend Keele Street south from
Lavender adjacent to the tracks, extend Davenport Road through Old Weston Road to
connect with the Keele Street extension, and extend Gunns Road under the rail corridor
to connect with the new Keele Street extension.

To improve cycling in the area, I proposed extending the West Toronto Railpath to the
north (from Cariboo Ave./Osler St.) to connect with the Davenport bicycle lane, Rogers
Road and Lavender bicycle paths creating a more practical bicycle network. (Please
refer to the attached map on the reverse).

St. Clair West / Metrolinx Grade Separation 2015 to 2018 project period

Just a reminder the St. Clair West / Metrolinx Grade Separation under pass widening just east of Keele St. will be a project run thru 2015 to 2018 and cost $32,000,000. It is a needed and great enhancement, but will begin just after the Stockyards mall is completed thus continuing the construction in the area.

Click image to see full size image.

Click image to see full size image.


Link to PDF of above image, st clair weston road bridge cost and date PDF

Parking lot next to Earlscourt Youth Centre to be made available to dog off-leash users

Map - Google maps

Map – Google maps


City Staff recommendations.

That the small parking lot adjacent to the Earlscourt Youth Centre located at 1200 Lansdowne Avenue be made available to dog off-leash users, until the accessible ramp / stairs are built and accessible to park users.

Text from Cesar Palacio Toronto City Council Ward 17 – Davenport below.


Earlscourt Park is a well-used public space that attracts countless of people each year. It is home to many amenities, which includes a dog off leash park, a new state of the art soccer field, beach volleyball courts, and an indoor gymnasium. Furthermore, the Parks and Recreation programs which are offered at the JJP Recreation Centre, located at 1369 St. Clair Avenue West, are at full capacity and continuingly attract numerous people to the area. In addition, the enrollment at the Earlscourt Youth Centre, located at 1200 Lansdowne Avenue, is continually on the rise and is expected to grow in the  future to come. Given the growth and development of this public space, parking and accessibility have become serious  issues in the community, as park patrons currently have a great deal of difficulty in finding any suitable parking on Lansdowne Avenue or neighbouring side streets. Presently, the Earlscourt Park wooden stairs at the southwest corner of Davenport Road and Caledonia Road and mid- block on Davenport Road are not accessible to park users, due to its state of disrepair. A new accessible ramp and stairs are scheduled for construction early next year.

Ubisoft’s Toronto headquarters on Wallace Avenue, of course they would come to a part of the Greater Junction Area, The Junction Triangle

Above logo of a truly spot on thinking firm.

The Junction Triangle has it all,  it terms of seedy unused rail sidings, old deeply historical industrial buildings, and quick access to the “downtown” of Toronto.

Soon it will a easy to grab a  shuttle  to the airport by train. Parts of the triangle are in the west side of the Bloor St. subway line.

The triangle also has a great share of  the old time restaurants that have populated the area for years and excelled at creating great ethic food and new restaurants from the huge all Junction areas  restaurant boom.

The Greater Junction Area is the best place to plop down your new light technological business, your engineering practice, your towering vertical farm, your new Bauhaus movement, well you get the idea.

Where would Ubisoft find everything it needs and wants in Toronto other that the Greater Junction Area. Nooooooooooooowhere!

All text below from this article, click here to visit citynews site for full story
Ubisoft’s Toronto headquarters on Wallace Avenue. YONGE STREET MEDIA.


Located in the heart of the Junction Triangle, Ubisoft Toronto currently occupies the old General Electric plant on 224 Wallace Avenue. It is one of 26 worldwide studios operated by Ubisoft Entertainment S.A., a video game developer and publisher based out of Montreuil, France.

The Toronto studio, which officially opened towards the end of 2009, was made possible when the Government of Ontario agreed to contribute $263-million in tax incentives and subsidies over the course of ten years to help offset the cost starting up a new game development operation.

On a more-local level, the hope is that the company can replicate in Toronto the success it experienced in Montreal. As with its Toronto studio, Ubisoft was persuaded to come to Montreal when the provincial government of Quebec agreed to a generous subsidy plan. Since it was founded in 1997, Béland’s old workplace has grown to employ more than 2,300 individuals, making it one of the largest game development houses in North America.

Béland says the fortunes of the studio’s neighbourhood, Montreal’s historic Mile End district, have changed significantly as well. What used to be a neighbourhood down on its luck is now one of Montreal’s most vibrant. Ubisoft and the individuals that come every day to work at its Toronto office have already had a similar effect on the Junction Triangle.


Freight railroads reported higher second-quarter earnings from a year ago

Both of Canada’a largest two railways have main runs thought the Greater Junction Area.


downloadCanadian National Railway Co., the country’s largest freight railroad, said its profit rose 14% to C$717 million, or C$1.69 per share, from C$631 million, or C$1.44, a year earlier.

Revenue rose 5% to C$2.67 billion on freight rate increases and higher energy-market demand. Intermodal revenue rose 3%.

Triva? Bill gates is the largest owner of the CNR


imagesCanadian Pacific Railway’s net income more than doubled to C$252 million, or C$1.43 per share, from $103 million, or 60 cents.

Revenue rose 10% to C$1.5 billion. Intermodal revenue slipped 2%.

By Transport Topics full article at the publication

CPR Canadian Holiday Train will be in the Junction Saturday, December 01, 2012



The Canadian Holiday Train will be in the Junction

Saturday, December 01, 2012

5:30 p.m., 750 Runnymede Rd,

in front of CP Lambton yard office,

Entertainers on the Canadian train include Doc WalkerMiss Emily, and theBrothers Dube.



Ruskin Ave and Edwin Ave unique houses

Characteristically different house design can abound in the Greater Junction Area. These few house meet that determination. The blog looked through its large collection of printed and ebooks for style characterization for this grouping of houses, but could not find one.

The stepping of the house on the lots really provides a distinctive removal from the common method of running the houses straight with the street. Rather nice.

On the site of what used to be the Nina Ricci jewellery factory on Old Weston Road a great big brick light industrial development

The site just after demo of the Nina Ricci factory

On the site of what used to be the Nina Ricci jewellery factory on Old Weston Road in the Carleton Village, Ward 17 area a developer is planning a large industrial development.

Located on Old Weston Rd just north of Junction Rd and south of the Davenport Rd and Old Weston Rd intersection this development will be the largest industrial development in the Junction in over 3 decades. The last major industrial Building designed and built for purpose was the Keele Centre.

The blog is half to see what appears to a light industrial use building in the artist rendering used on the sign.

Hopefully the developer has a business plan that attracts some of the technology firms that are now populating the Junction Triangle area.

The area within hearing and walking distance has no more need for small service industry uses as a motor repair, auto repair and window manufacturing.

There is a need for new excellent class buildings to serve creative and technological firms.

These types of small and medium companies can really spur the the creation of an active street use, and renewal in all areas.


West Toronto Diamond Extended Hours: 24 Hours a day from July 3 -16

click image to go to Google maps to view area, this image, West Toronto Diamond Public relations


Text below from West Toronto Diamond Public Relations

The West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation Project is an important rail infrastructure project that will eliminate a major bottleneck at the most heavily used rail crossing in Canada. When completed, GO trains on the Kitchener line will pass below CP freight lines, and this will improve service reliability, reduce noise, and allow for future service improvements to reduce congestion in the northwest of Toronto.
Annual CP Rail Track Closure
Extended Hours: 24 Hours a day from July 3 -16

What we are doing
• Removing CP Rail’s connecting track and
excavating the roadway so we can work on
the walls of the lowered rail corridor in this
• Cleaning and reinforcing the pipe piles
• Forming tunnels under the tracks and
roadway to prepare for the final bridge
installation and excavation of the corridor
How this will affect you
• Work will take place for 24 hours a day due
to the short period of time available during
the annual CP Rail track closure. This track
closure is only available once a year for
approximately two weeks.
• This work does not produce elevated levels
of noise or vibration.

Nearby residents may
hear the sounds of construction equipment operating and see lighting in the work area overnight.
Please note: This work is crucial to reopening the rail crossing at Junction Road and Old Weston Road. We plan to reopen the rail crossing in September. It will need to be closed in late 2012 or early 2013 for 2 to 3 months to install the north bridge portion. It will then close again in the fall of 2013 for a few months to install the south portion.
Please visit for updates or please call Kelly at 416-604-9582 for more information.

Is it time for – People actioning councillors – in the Greater Junction Area updated

Areas of the Greater Junction Area languish and brood with long-standing problems, intersections with continual crime and near battlefield roadway crossing conditions in some places. Regular dumping of garbage occurs just about everywhere. there are too few road crossing where needed and wanted by residents. Employment areas are  under attack, and is no clear policy to create a plan bring new modern firms that employ many to the area. All items that could be addressed and readily fixed with attention to the street-level needs of the area.

In many cities around the world  elected municipal governments are bringing the public up to the desk to aid  in the governing of city services in their area. Allowing them to  interact with city staff  directly to make sure these problems get addressed. Its happening in many cities around the world with continued demanding of devolution of basic choices of what gets fixed and what gets fitted into  the community as decided by the community.

At the core of the Big Society movement and local government devolution is the belief that government is responsible of the things that only government can do, common good things like plan and fit in water-mains, common road networks etc. Then what government needs to do, is facilitate  – at the most local, most personal level – is to find and solve problems for people to run and work out the issues and build their own community in the way that they wish to solve them.

Examples being community run recreation centres, cross-walk locations, and more of course all of this can be done with the help of city staff.

Why city staff on the front desk serving with our councillors?,  3 reasons, it is not possible for an elected member of council to have the complete skill of the entirety of the residents in their area nor the specific trained and hired city staff.

Of course the elected persons are working towards bettering the community. The current city council is unable to make simple common goals and the divided nature of the  council, which clearly bears great similarity in behaviour to the League of Nations, which was a fundamental failure.


An Aside…

Maybe like Cesar Palacio councillor (WARD 17) the other local councillor should hold Saturday in ward open office. (its from 9am to 1pm).

Oh, and he has a community office, and would most readers not agree its more important for a councillor to have a community office in the ward,than anywhere else.

Wikipedia definition 

The aim is “to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a big society that will ‘take power away from politicians and give it to people’.[2] 
 blog has a great post about the 299 Campbell Ave. Condo Pre-Application Meeting

This is rock solid post with lots of info and images.


Click on the image to visit their site.


Ward 11 and 17 regarding widening the road at St.Clair and Keele between Old Weston Rd & Keele right under the bridge Apr 16



St Clair West of Keele St. (Google maps Image)


Moved up from Comment Post froma comment posted by Manny…. thanks Manny

There is a meeting tomorrow April 16, 2012 for Ward 17 regarding widening the road at St.Clair and Keele between Old Weston Rd and Keele right under the bridge. I encourage all to go out and show your support to get the road widened to two lanes each including the widening the bridge. This also impacts Ward 11 so the more people in favour of widening the road the better chances it will be implemented.

St. Clair Right of Way
Road Modifications – St. Clair & Old Weston Road


(A)s cheduled a public meeting on Monday, April 16, 2012 – 7:00 PM at the Joseph J. Piccininni Centre, 1369 St. Clair Avenue West, just west of Lansdowne Avenue. The purpose of this meeting is to get your input on proposed modifications that are both necessary and urgent. TTC/City Staff will be on hand to provide us with information and options on what improvements can me made; please make every effort to attend.

Traffic movement on St. Clair Avenue West, between Keele Street and Old Weston Road has become dangerous and a total nightmare. Residents and the business community have expressed their deep concern over this stretch of roadway, as congestion and gridlock create unreasonable travel times.

This intersection is not safe and immediate changes are needed to make it safer for TTC users, motorists and pedestrians. To realize this goal, I have moved recommendations at the Etobicoke York Community Council and at the TTC, asking the Commission to report back as soon as possible on the feasibility of implementing these changes

MPP Cheri DiNovo to host Town Hall meeting on Daycare


Italicized text from

Daycare is an ongoing issue in Ontario, and every parent in Parkdale-High Park knows that our community is  one of the worst hit when it comes to wait times, daily costs and new daycare openings.

Did you know that daycare costs only $17/day in Manitoba?

…And only $7/day in Quebec?

Cheri will be hosting a Town Hall meeting to discuss these issues.  We ask you to join us to listen to our panelists and share your stories and opinions.

WHAT:  Daycare Town Hall
WHEN:  Thursday, Jan 26th, 7:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE:  Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Secondary School, 1515 Bloor St. W (Dundas and Bloor)
In the staff room (follow the signs)
WHO:  Hosted by MPP Cheri DiNovo and featuring a panel of guests including:

  • Ward 13 Councillor Sarah Doucette
  • Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks
  • Andrea Calver (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care)
  • City of Toronto Staff.