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Uncomplimentary elements of the Railpath

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As a daily rider of the new rail path I’m left with one question:

Where are the garbage bins?  Garbage has begun to pile up in the form of
Mcdonalds trash, dog poop in bags and endless bottles.  Is there no
maintenance of the path?

uncomplimentary elements of the Railpath

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health objects to Metrolinx’s proposed diesel rail expansion in Georgetown South Corridor


The Medical Officer of Health has posted a Letter of Objection regarding the diesel train expansion.

The letter written to the The Honourable John Gerretsen Minister of the Environment  supports a transit expansion based on electrification, and  requests that, as Minister of the Environment, you permit the project to proceed only under the following conditions:

1. That new train services and service expansions proceed only as electrified services;

2. That Metrolinx be required to conduct ambient air quality monitoring prior to

implementation of new train services or service expansions, in order to establish an air

quality baseline and concentration gradient. The chemicals to be measured are:

• Combustion gases – carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide;

• Particulate matter (ultrafine (PM0.1), respirable (PM2.5) and inhalable (PM10);

• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, 1,3-butadiene,

benzene and acrolein;

• Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – total and benzo(a)pyrene; and,

• Greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; and

3. That Metrolinx establish a community liaison committee to:

• Deal with issues arising from the proposed construction;

• Provide input on selection of mitigation strategies; and,

• Provide input to the mobility hub planning process.

full letter link here with more city docs link below.

The Honourable John Gerretsen
Minister of the Environment

2009 Bikeway Network Program – Installation of Bicycle Lanes Committee Recommendations

West Toronto lanes  in green text
The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee recommends that:
1. City Council approve the installation of bicycle lanes on the following roadways:
a. Bellamy Road North, from Porchester Drive to Brimorton Drive;
b. Bloor Street West, from Mill Road to Beamish Drive;
c. Brock Avenue, from a point 25 metres north of Seaford Avenue to Florence

d. Crescent Town Road, from Dawes Road to Victoria Park Avenue;
e. Huntingwood Drive, from Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road;
f. Lansdowne Avenue, from Rideau Avenue to Dundas Street West;
g. Moore Avenue, from Welland Avenue to Bayview Avenue;
h. Rathburn Road, from Mimico Creek to Islington Avenue;
i. The Westway, from Martin Grove Road to Royal York Road; and
j. Trethewey Drive, from Jane Street to Black Creek Drive.

2. City Council approve the installation of contra-flow bicycle lanes on the following roadways:
a. Argyle Street, from Northcote Avenue to Lisgar Street, from Dovercourt Road
to Ossington Avenue, and from Shaw Street to Givins Street;

b. Bellwoods Avenue, from a point 90 metres north of Queen Street West to
Robinson Street;
c. Glen Cedar Road, from Dewbourne Avenue to Eglinton Avenue West;
d. Fermanagh Avenue, from Roncesvalles Avenue to Sorauren Avenue;
e. Florence Street, from Brock Avenue to Sheridan Avenue;
f. Gladstone Avenue, from Waterloo Avenue to Argyle Street;
g. Havelock Street, from Lindsey Avenue to Dewson Street;
h. Lindsey Avenue, from Brock Avenue to Dufferin Street;
i. Maitland Place, from Jarvis Street to a point 100 metres west of Homewood
j. Shaw Street, from Dundas Street West to Harbord Street;
h. Waterloo Avenue, from Dufferin Street to Gladstone Avenue.

as well as changes to this area…

City Council approve amendments to the existing bicycle lanes on Rogers
Old Weston Road to Oakwood Avenue, and amend the associated parking
in consultation with the Ward Councillors.
a. to provide parking on the south side of the road, between Blackthorn
and Bronoco Avenue;

drawing pdf link for this area from COT (City of Toronto)
b. to relocate the parking from the north side of Rogers Road, between
Avenue and Earlscourt Avenue, to the south side of the roadway; and
c. to relocate the parking from the south side of Rogers Road, between
Avenue and Rosethorn Avenue, to the north side of the roadway.

link to staff report

West Toronto Railpath Opening Parade Saturday, June 20, 2009


Click image to download 8.5 x 11 page version

A ribbon-cutting and community bike parade to celebrate the opening of the West Toronto Railpath. Come and discover the new path. For info or to get involved email

Presented by:
Friends of the West Toronto Railpath
Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009
Start time: 02:00 PM End time: 03:30 PM
Rain date:

Wallace Avenue east of Symington at the entrance to the West Toronto Railpath. Under the pedestrian bridge.
Web site:
On-site food or beverages Kid-friendly Bike racks

An Annex house enlargement that blends

This  house in Annex has a nice historic vibe to it. There is a lot of work being done to it in a caring and great way. Looking at the images below you can see they are restoring the front of the house, adding a new front door and other items, while adding an addition on the back.  Their choice to renovate the house in this manner carefully retains the building street facade and historical character. Also it maintains the appearance of the street-scape.


rear elevaton

New rear elevaton


London Ave. double up

manning-ave-doubleup-may-21-2009-annex-034manning-ave-doubleup-may-21-2009-annex-036This small house on London Ave in Ward 20 will seemingly soon morph to two semi detached  houses. One of the interesting items about the new houses pictured above in rendering, is the front facade relationship to the side elevation. From the front – viewing the two homes – if built – people will see a facade that works within the community of built styles in the area, but in reality the there will be no peaked roof as evident on the side  elevation the peak form part of the second floor.