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St Johns Rd wedge – the vital grit in the oyster

Above images, the wedge during renovation and the wedge in a Scotiabank commercial.

The St Johns wedge located at Dundas St W. and St Johns Rd. went though a transformation from a flat, underused piece of Junction roadway  and space a few years ago after the Then ward 13 city council member Bill Sandercook signaled what many in the community thought – that the St Johns Wedge was in dire need of a new design to serve the community.

The author of this blog  put together a team to work with the city staff and Bill Sandercook and his community assistant Bea Mozdzanowski to reconfigure the space.

It was a big project and was costly. Yet today while reflecting on the influx of new businesses it, became clear how important it was to rebuilt the space, all,of us involved in the project hoped invigorating the wedge would provide some help in bringing new activity and businesses the eastern part of the Junction strip. Many people commented how it was outside the neighborhood council members office. He was aware of the fact that some people may misconstrue the effort on his behalf.

But he benevolently supported the group of local residents (I will post names of the group in an updated post) in developing the design they though the community needed.

A comment on the blog a while ago describes it best, better than I can.

It’s a small space without a name, but it’s the Junction’s first public square. It’s a landscaped public space surrounded by roads and a walkway, like traditional public squares. It’s flanked by historic streetscapes. I love the granite block paving. We ought to give a name, like St. Johns Square.

Why is the blog writing about this now, because after the change of our local council member the last details of the project were not completed, and since they require little effort, and would greatly contribute to the use of the wedge, it would be great to complete them.

One being the installation of light – the electrical runs are in place and the wire hangs from the inside top of the gazebo. Secondly the installation of the benches for the gazebo, we have plans right now to the measured drawings produced by High Park architects.