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108 Vine Ave, some more history, July 1932 new east wing added followed that same year by the addition of the west wing.

On Sept 14, 1932 Dr Jackson had published an account of how fast his company at 550 Vine Ave ( now 108 Vine Ave.) was growing. In July of 1932 the company completed the east wing addition thinking it would provide space for the next ten years of growth. It it did not because the firm need to add the west wing the same year.

Below are some images from newspaper ads purchased by Dr Jackson’s Food Products.

Facebook page – Stop the REZONING of 108 Vine Ave. GROCERY STORE!



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Sweet Potato still seeks to open at 108 Vine Ave according to letter to city

sweet pat logo still moving to Vine ave

The carbon copies cc’s on a letter to the city about rezoning employments, on the letter pasted below are as follows,


Lou Moretto, Manager – Etobicoke York District (via email)
Jeffrey Cantos, Senior Planner, Official Plan (via email)
Mr. Digs Dorfman & Ms. C.J. Chiddy, The Sweet Potato (via email)
Councillor Sarah Doucette – Ward 13 Parkdale-High Park (via email)

It would be prudent for the community  to be aware that they would probably be wanting and needing to use the lot next to the Vine Parkette for the major parking facility for the store. 

Looking at the numerous trucks that attend the no frills store on Pacific Ave residents should get involved may want to get involved in the decision process, if the want the store on Vine Ave or not to insure community what happens is what the near by residents want.

26-11-2013 4-02-28 PM



Text of letter from Goven Browns consultant

November 6, 2013 (via email)
GS File No. 13-17

City of Toronto
Toronto City Hall
13th Floor W., 100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Attention: Nancy Martins – Administrator, Planning and Growth Management
Committee &
Ulli S. Watkiss – City Clerk

RE: Official Plan / Municipal Comprehensive Review – Proposed Policies and
Designations for Employment Lands
Site and Area Specific Policy (SASP) #442
108 Vine Avenue, Toronto

We have been informed that the Municipal Comprehensive Review has taken into consideration 108 Vine Avenue as a Site and Area Specific Policy (SASP).

As we understand the SASP #442 applicable to 108 Vine Avenue (and 162 Vine Avenue) is as

a) Retail developments are permitted by way of a zoning bylaw amendment and supported by a satisfactory transportation impact assessment provided they do not exceed 2,000 square
metres of retail gross floor area.

We are supportive of this policy for 108 Vine Avenue and as indicated before we are preparing a rezoning application with supporting studies to implement the proposed grocery store at this

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned with any questions or comments.

Thank you for your consideration to the foregoing.




the above letter at the city web site click here

the above letter backed up at this blog

communicationfile-40974 Sweet Potato 108 Vine Ave.

108 and 162 Vine Avenue proposed – Amendment No. 231 Official Plan Designations & Mapping – Employment Areas

GovanBrown Construction Managers 108 vine ave

108 and 162 Vine Avenue

building  – formally the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd /Roman Meal Bakery(orginial builder)  – then Canadian Eastern Rogers Company – now GovanBrown Construction Managers

All text proposed – Amendment No. 231 to the Official Plan of the City of Toronto with respect to the Economic Health Policies and the Policies, Designations and Mapping for Employment Areas  Page 79

Zoning for this address

Retail developments are permitted by way of a zoning bylaw amendment and supported by a satisfactory transportation impact assessment provided the do not exceed 2,000 square metres of retail gross floor area.

Some images of the marvelous building.





Govan Brown moves from trendy King/Queen St. W. to the sharp Junction & saves our most important industrial building.

When one of Canada’s best employers decides to choose the Junction for their national headquarters, it can be said that the commercial and industrial sector of the Junction is still here. Couple this with the few other intellectual  design and engineering firms that have come to the Junction, we still have our industrial cred.

When in the 80’s the city planning department declared the industry sector dead in the area, many people accepted this. When it always was a misplaced judgement.


The Junction non retail business areas will greatly benefit from the innovative renovation and use, of our most important industrial/commercial building, 108 Vine Ave


Toronto, Canada’s largest city is also home to Govan Brown’s head office. Govan Brown’s headquarters are located in the trendy area of King/Queen Street West – just west of the central business core. Our head office provides construction services to the Greater Toronto Area plus all of Southern Ontario. The Head Office is home to several Govan Brown divisions including Govan Brown & Associates (Interiors),Govan Brown Constructors (Base Building), Govan Brown Service (Small Projects) and Govan Brown Program Management (National Accounts).

108 Vine Ave at the height of operations of the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd


Click on Image for full size view


GovanBrown Construction Managers Canada is revitalizing the iconic Junction industrial buildingsat at 108 Vine Ave. Most recently the long term home of Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited, the building was build by and for the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd.

Above is an image of the building at the height of the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd use of the building.


Below is part of a Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd. advertisement.






The old black gates have gone from one side of 1087 Vine Ave.

Image taken 20/09/2012

Image taken 20/09/2012


The gates probably circa 1934 and of the Dr. Jackson – Roman Meal Bakery which built the building, were (and hopefully they will come back) afixture of Vine Ave.


108 vine ave more permits applied for

This new app, seems to differ from an earlier application referring to the older buildings courtyard.

Location: 108 VINE AVE

Ward 13: Parkdale-High Park

Application#: 12 262371 BLD 01 BA Accepted Date: May 16, 2013

Project: Industrial Multiple Projects

Description: Revision #1: Remove second floor addition and stairs. Expand into Basement, ground and second floors. Proposal to construct vestibule ground floor addition in existing courtyard, second floor addition and interior alteration.

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Facade changes at 108 Vine Ave going to massive

108 Vine has had the entire facade of the stack blue and grey block building removed.

This east section of the complexes buildings – is being being viewed bunt his blog as being converted to two levels.

The image above taken on the night of May 30th 2013. Shows the front wall facade has been completely removed. We should expect windows.

108 Vine Ave. window installs

The old Rogers Eastern Plant is receiving new windows today is the historic building section.

The choice if style is a good balance of energy efficiency and visual congruency with the building facade.

Is a major change fast approaching Vine Ave. site? Vacant lot next to Vine Parkette is cleaned out

No trucks, no small debris, just a great view of the tracks and three shipping containers.


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The blog is afraid, it appears the rumors of Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited shutting down may be true


1st off let me say, this author is confused, as the company has a asset auctioneer preparing for auction of a lot of the mainline equipment a company (link) like this would need to continue operating. The auctioneers site has as part of the sale title that the equipment is being sold as surplus to continuing operations. A company selling its basic machinery and other items right down to the lunch room pieces could probably be thought of in the terms of closing.

…or maybe continuing on ion another, boy does this author really hope so. This one last two iconic companies left in the Junction that represents its history.






click here to view full auction listing PDF

complete text listing of items after the break

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