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130 Cawthra Ave old Canada Bread facility …nu artist range!

Finally after a few decades of non existent artist and designer  space in the Junction after many decades an abundance of space before the lull the Junction area is getting a purpose renovated building for the purpose. Some interesting changes are taking place with loading docks becoming entryways.


Are we getting our 400 Duffern  Ave. Block?

hope so…





This area of the building was the former waste area of the building and the factory doors have been replaced with these facades.



Wowie Wowie Wowie 130 Cawthra Ave being marketed as mixed use light indiustrial and artist studios

Maple Leaf Foods subsid…Canada Bread has found a new home for it’s Junction production in Hamilton. Now its appears they are setting up their old Junction building for sectionalized and demised leasing for art and design studios.

Maybe a building like 400 Dufferin Ave has been for so many years.

This makes this blog author so happy artist space is do needed so badly in the area, there was a time in the deep dark ages of the Junction in the 80’s til mid 90’s that there were good spaces for artists in the Junction. Even Keele Centre had some at great rates and a do what you want ways when the building was owned by the CPR division Marathon Realty, this author worked out of there for a long time.

Couple this with a possible condo on the on the old plant site could really enliven the area.

130_Cawthra_Ave_-_LEASE_-Jan_2012 download flyer

buildoing plan


Saturday Feb 11 2012 taken down Flour? Tower

Saturday Feb 11 2012 plant interior during equipment removal