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Now that the library has re-opened, we have been making plans to move back in,” Ross said.

Meanwhile, WTJHS has been in discussion with Toronto Public Library (TPL) staff. Last year, TPL requested the group pay $1,200 a year to cover “overhead costs,” Ross said. It has also been asked to share its office space with Toronto Public Library staff.

“We explained that this was a great deal of money for us,” he said.

The WTJHS has called Annette library home for three decades and has fulfilled many of the library’s obligations to the community by holding regular archive hours, by staging special events and free monthly meetings that are open to the public, according to Ross.

The WTJHS is concerned TPL will demand “major concessions” before it is allowed back into the space.

Anne Bailey, director of branch libraries acknowledged that WTJHS had to vacate the premises – temporarily – to enable the branch renovation.

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