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Energy use at Vine Ave playground and Malta Park


In the Junction Vine Ave playground use the most electricity per year, while Malta Park use 11 times less electrical energy


Operation Name Malta Park
Address 3187 Dundas St W
Electricity (kWh) 453

Operation Name Vine Avenue Playground
Address 200 Vine Av
Electricity (kWh) 5,447

GHG Emissions (Kg) 463

Total Energy Energy (GJ) 20

5:25 Friday Vine Ave closed Mc Murray Ave. to Pacific Ave. access to Vine Parkette restricted to lane way off Mc Murray ave/Vine Ave. because of downed hydro pole

Two garbage trucks attempting to pass each other on Vine Ave have knocked down a pole in front of Vine Parkette.

The one by the water fountain on the sidewalk. This pole was really in bad shape and even wonky before this knock down occurred.

Vine Parkette front gardens … Parks department seeking interest from community members to maintain front beds

If interested you can write the parks supervisor for Vine Parkette (and all the parks in the ward) at

Vine Parkette new play area to open when grass is stable in about two weeks

Spoke to the person watering the new grass today, and was told the fence would need to stay, about two more weeks to let the grass grow in.






Vine Ave Parkette final grass going in Tuesday morning 10:10 am

While further cleanup of the piles of dirt are being removed by the prime contractor.





Play Equip Arriving now

Vine parkette manufactured play equipment arriving now 3pm Monday



1:01pm Wednesday stone thrower truck arrives at Vine Ave Parkette

Work continues on the new foundation for the Jr playground equipment.


1st evening Vine parkette junior play area photo story






Park meeting plans park showing Wed July 6th Vine Parkette



6:30 and 8pm on Wednesday July 6th Vine Parkette

e parks manager,

10:32pm Councillor Sarah Doucette requests public meeting with residents and park staff to view park plans


Vine Parkette Playground equipment public meeting coming up

attend the meeting have, have some input, have some fun

Councillor Sarah Doucette has just twittered  about a public meeting to review the park play equipment plans.

The blog will post the date when it gets the info


addition post outlining the issue with some good comments click here

A photo from the last changeover to the current toddler equip, local residents spread the chips.

Skate park for Vine Ave Parkette?

As talk about a skatepark at the parkette continues…

Here our some snaps of the current Skateboard Park at Coxwell Ave and Lake-shore Blvd east. In addition to the skateboarders you can see a non skate boarding couple walking though.

UPDATE: had commenter go all heated in the posts just after posting this – urging me to talk to the skaters. (read his comments in the comments sections) Although I wonder why he got so mad at my posting of an exciting skate boarding event.  Although seems he didn’t have the time to care to go to the event and support these skaters. Note: if you have trouble with a post on thus blog, before yelling at me put your mind to action and feet to ground.

for world class small park skate yards…see