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Best report design this blog has ever for a Junction Development.

Bousfields Inc. PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN RATIONALE for  produced in Feb. 2016 to rationalize for city approval the development companies conversion of 248 & 260 HIGH PARK AVENUE is a triumph of design and information presentation. The quality of the report in providing urban design and heritage information, as presented data and throughly thought thru “worded data” makes the report much more important to the community than a mere report as part of a development proposal.

Just take a look at this graphic from the report, depicting our areas LAND USE DESIGNATIONS. Beautiful with clear information.

click for full size

You may not need to regularly, read development texts submitted by developers, as this blog author does, be sure if you want a good balanced view of issues and needs of planning in the Junction and High Park this is a great report to read. It is also a visual coup of report design for those of you interested in the graphic communication of data.

Yep, the blog has no commercial or any other conflicts of interest that would could this opinionated post.

The cover of the report. Salivating.


click image for full size image of the reports cover.
The full report click here, Bousfields High Park


Bousfields Inc.
3 Church Street, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2