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Pacific and Dundas NW corner site 2978 Dundas W.


Correction this building is a rental building

all text from the developers design firms site

The proposed redevelopment of 2978 Dundas St. West involves the demolition and replacement of the existing two-storey commercial-residential building with a seven-storey mixed use building with a partial 8th storey, containing 42 residential rental units and a 286 m2retail area at grade.

Following a formal pre-consultation with City Planning Staff on December 19, 2013, the Owners engaged a multidisciplinary team to develop an appropriate proposal for the site as a mid-rise, mixed commercial-residential building following the City’s planning policy framework. The Owners introduced the proposal to Councillor Sarah Doucette in a meeting on January 21, 2014, and convened an open pre-application consultation meeting with community representatives on February 13, 2014. Based on the feedback received from Councillor Doucette, staff and community members,  the proposal has been redesigned with particular regard to the following:

  • Height: the building height has been reduced from eight storeys to seven occupied storeys (22.24 m) with indoor amenity space at the 8th level;
  • Number of Units: the number of units has been reduced from 51 to 42;
  • Parking: visitor parking spaces have been provided at the ground floor level, accessed from the rear lane;
  • Building Materials:  the amount of proposed glazing on the building façade has been limited to allow for a brick masonry detail for the first three storeys consistent with the character of the area, and more substantial materials on the storeys above;
  • Relationship to the street:  the building profile is more consistent with angular plane provisions from both the Dundas Street West and Pacific Avenue frontages;
  • Amenity Space: the amount of indoor and outdoor amenity space for residents has been increased to exceed by-law requirements;
  • Privacy and Landscaping: the rear terraces are proposed with a substantial landscaped buffer to prevent overlook to the adjacent Neighbourhood properties; and
  • Street Animation: a green wall element has been added to the Pacific Avenue frontage, along with a proposed streetscape concept that would allow for the continued use of the public boulevard for community events.

Next Steps (Anticipated timing below is subject to change)

  • Fall 2014 — Community Consultation meeting hosted by City Planning (TBD)
  • Mid-2015 — Final Planning Staff Report and Statutory Public Meeting
  • 2015-2016 — Site Plan Review process
  • Mid-2016 — Construction start
  • Late 2017 — Construction complete