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Dollarama to settle in the old Blockbuster née Kresge’s

For some time now the Junction has had no large corporate retailers other than a grocery store. Now one comes.

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2989 Dundas St W – rooftop warehouse addition

The renovation of facades of contributing buildings should
respect the original architectural style


The addition placed on top of 2989 Dundas St west; in the opinion of this author, whole fully disfigures the  Dundas St West and Pacific Ave street intersection.

Standing on any corner other than the south west corner provides the viewer with a massive warehouse type box sitting on top of historic building.

The larger question, however, surfaces again with this type of development renovation: Is this type of building change better or worse for the neighborhood than stronger rules at the municipal level to protect the historical core street scape of the Junction.

The City of Toronto has rules about renovations of new and renovated buildings stating they shall be designed  sympathetic to the district heritage attributes, through massing, rhythm of solids and voids, significant design features, and high quality materials 1

Further the city guidelines state…

The renovation of facades of contributing buildings should respect the original architectural style.

Also the city states is values “street walls”

A “street wall” is a condition where buildings consistently line or front to the edge of a street.

This building renovation simply does not meet the guidelines, nor considers the character of the Junction

2989 Dundas Street West Update

JRA - 2989 Dundas Street West Update - Oct 28 2009 (1)

Work continues with the major renovation to 2989 Dundas Street West with dozens of drywall sheets being delivered on Saturday.

This project (Demolish and rebuild 2 floors… convert 4 apartment units into 1 apartment unit, and interior alterations to G/F) is one of the biggest and most recent gentrification project to the Junction.

The final product is going to be interesting and original, you can get a good view from the No Frills parking lot.

submitted by Martin L. Junction residents association urban chair