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The back of the Dundas St. Retail strip

…above the back of 3030 Dundas St West, a building that extends right to the city lane-way line at the back.

Above the back door of  3022 Dundas St W – Snug As A Bug, which for decades was a television sales retailers and repair shop named Hal-Don Family T V Sales & Service Ltd.

The back of the retail strip of the Junction can be a interesting walk!

There is a lot of great coffee in this ‘hood blog post


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Over at the blog for the restaurant /settlement house 3030 they have a great article of the Coffee offerings in the Junction, great post it is, and this blog is thankful that someone did a post of the offers of the stuff in the Junction. We could not as having never tasted coffee. The only missing item in the blog post is Kofy-Sub the original made in the Junction coffee.


You can read the blog post over at the 3030 blog by clicking here


AND 3030dundasstwest on another note


The proprietors of this place have created something of a fabulous restaurant and bar and a tweety bit cafe and a lot settlement house meeting place. Can you find this great mix in Toronto anywhere else? Probably not. You can find it in Boundary at Shoreditch, in East London created by the great designers and restaurant maker Terence Conran.


thejunctionproject -3030 Dundas West -Participaction! -September 8th, 4pm-7pm



Click Image to visit there site

Click Image to visit there site



Participaction! presented by the thejunctionproject ‏@JunctionP

September 8th, 4pm-7pm
Our fave Junction hotspot, 3030 Dundas West, is graciously hosting us again. Tickets go on sale tomorrow – yes, TOMORROW! – at Kid Culture. $10/person (babes in arms are always free). We are savvy to those making the most of the last sweet days of summer vacation, so if you’re out of town but checking your FB (put down your Android!) and you want tickets, let us know. We’ll hold them for you until next week.


Click Image to visit their site.

Click Image to visit their site.

March 17th brings the fifth installment of the 101 Markets to 3030 Dundas West

March 17th brings the fifth installment of the market to 3030 Dundas West, The Junction’s premier spot for craft beer and weekend brunch. The monthly addition of 101 Markets to the neighbourhood has broughtmany from near and far to spend an afternoon in this great area of the city.  Browse through the recentblogTO article or visit the 101 Market blog to see what we have been up to and come see what’s next!




When:         17 March, 2013 (and the third Sunday of every month thereafter)

10:30 am – 4 pm

Where:        3030 Dundas West

3030 Dundas Street West

Toronto, ON

M6P 1Z3

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Who:           101 Markets – A Local Vintage and Handmade Marketplace


Contact:      Erin Anderson and Christa Waters, Organizers


For more information about 101 Markets:

Visit –

Email –

Facebook – 101 Markets

Erin & Christa, Organizers
101 Markets: A local vintage and handmade marketplace