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The Junction Dundas Retail Strip has two contenders for best regular spot breakfast and lunch fare.


Locomotive, at  3070 Dundas St. W. Toronto and The Beet Organic Cafe  at 2945 Dundas Street West both have fare that is different from all the other resturants  in the Dundas  St.  W.  Junction retail strip, and around the city.

So today  lets talk Locomotive 

The author started to get interested in this eatery after walking though the lane behind the restaurant on the way to a daycare –   catching glimpses of the kitchen activity of a calm yet energetic and creative  food prep activity. This expressive method of cookery  produces a grabbing assortment of sandwiches, which are good real food with no tone of manufacture about them at all. (which really the reason for this post – do take a look in the back door when they are not looking)

All the food is great for breakfasts, lunches and breaks, although they do carry coffee too, which many people really like their offering in this area, they could really just have a successful business on the sandwiches.

Disclosure, this blog author thinks coffee consumed with food devalues the effort as it has such as powerful flavour and of good food. Oh I have no connection with this place, other than I have stout-hearted to eat there, and it is  closer that Pusateri’s Fine Foods on  Bay St.

…opps I am now wondering if they bake their own bread?