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Best redeveloped building/lot in

The junction this year?

A few lots and/or buildings go under a major renovation each year. Most sadly do not amount to Much – architecturally or historically.

Yet once in a while a site gets rewritten with a building that defines the old, the new and also
Takes from the old to
Create a new building that fits in to it’s lot.

The blogs nomination for best redevelopment of 2010 is the old handy man store site at 3077 Dundas St west.

One of the reasons is the new buildings rebuilt rounded front of the old building, another being retention of a very open 1st floor retail area.

An great added bonus is the balconies for the apartments above the retail space.

Handyman Shop 3077 Dundas Street West – Update

Handyman Shop March 19 2010

After only 3 weeks the Handyman Shop building is almost completely framed and what a difference it makes.  So far in my opinion the new building looks great.  The curved corner has been replaced, the size and placement of the windows looks good and even with the additional floor the scale is appropriate for the area.

My thanks to the developers for respecting the area and building what so far looks like a perfect addition to the Junction.  It proves you can teardown a hundred year old building and rebuild it with the same character.

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks when we see the final finishes and the next few months when new tenants and businesses move in.

Submitted by Martin L. co -chair of the Junction Residents Association

Handyman Shop Update

Handy Man 03-01-10 3

After about a month the mostly idle site of the former Handyman Shop was full of activity today asImar Steel Ltd of Etobicoke began erecting a steel framing structure.

The position of the vertical members indicates the curved architectural detail of the old building is being incorporated into the new design.  This is great news to many people who encourage new development but still want developers to respect the physical character of the Junction.

By Martin

Demo and construction at Quebec Ave and Dundas St. West

3077 dundas st west inside front windows

Above are some images from the inside of the front area of the old Handy Man shop which is now having it’s second floor removed. Someone in the local real estate business has informed the blog that only the second floor is  coming off. Then new 2nd and 3rd floors will be placed on the 1st floor structure. This new structure is to be a steel construction the blog has been told.

Compared to some other buildings in the Junction this building seems to have little grammar of ornament, other than the curved projecting north west corner and the glass imaged above.

The rear of the building is outwardly lean to the Quebec side, which probably part of the buildings problems.

Thanks to the demo team for letting the blog take a few inside images.