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Humble Beginnings has closed / three years. sad

“As of yesterday we’ve decided to shut our doors. We would like to thank our incredible staff, vendors and most importantly our amazing customers,” the owners wrote in a Facebook post on May 18. “We thank you for your patronage and supporting this endeavour for the last three years. And stay tuned for our next adventure in the culinary world.” Elisa and Darcy McFarlane

photo the shops site

photo the shops site



Humble Beginnings at 3109 Dundas Street West addresses exhaust fan issues better than most TO restaurants

click image to visit the shops site

click image to visit the shops site


Exhaust fans can really raise ugly sight issues as they are situated on the roofs of buildings to exhaust heat from cooking or other commercial uses, yet simply painting the  installation – which Humble Beginnings did –  can greatly improve the effect the fan system has on the surrounding area. In many parts of Toronto including the Greater Junction Area buildings are being retrofitted for uses that must haveexhaust fans such as restaurants, where the subject building nor the building on either side where intended for such a use when built. This can require some ingenious design planning just to situate the fan system and the duct work required.

In the Junction area quite a few of these fans systems are appearing, and it can be understood how, why and where they are being placed on buildings…code requirements and cost. However seeing they can seriously harm the high street view and community aesthetic for both commercial and residential  uses, care needs to applied to the installation.


Humble Beginnings is a recent addition to the Junction retail strip. In addition to opening their establishment with a great interior and exterior facade reno, opening in this location about 3 blocks from the restaurant traditional Junction restaurant sector  they are with assisting with building and strengthening a second restaurant cluster in the Junction.

click here to visit their site, as you can see form the screen grab from their website they have the most varied meat offering in the Junction and probably for a good radius in distance.

From the Farm & the Hood - Humble Beginnings


…as always with this blog being a situational blog  does not do food reviews, nor are we qualified, so the blog always suggests for food reviews. click here to read their article on Humble Beginnings.








Apparition of new Junction stores

The west Junction Strip appears to be getting two new stores,

One at St Johns Pl, and Dundas St West, where the windows covering paper was going up the night of Tuesday March 6th.



The commonly used store front for pop up stores at Clendenan Ave. to create a restaurant of less than 30 seats.



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3109 Dundas St West – the constantly changing pop up store building undergoes heavy material removel

Concrete and other demos debris came out of 3109 Dundas St. on the Tuesday the 19th. A greater character of change that normal after the closing of a pop up store at this site. Does this mean something more permanent is happening?