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362 Wallace Ave – development proposal by Somerset Wallace Developments includes light industrial units.

362 wallace avenue toronto - actual Maps

362 wallace avenue toronto - Google Maps

25, 2-storey light industrial units

169 stacked townhouse units

a successful grouping?

As many readers of this blog are aware, one of the premises of the blog is to support Mixed-use development – one of light industrial, creative and service  entities as a viable regeneration scheme for the Greater Junction Area coupled with a mixed tenure residential population  – areas with an economically diverse population.

Such mixed places provide balanced – environmentally sound  local economies in turn supporting local employment   public services, such as parks and  schools, than do areas  which uniformly, specially harbor residential, commercial, culture into specific area pockets which are widely dispersed.

…from the city Background Report

Fronting on the west side of this new north/south road, 25, 2-storey light industrial units
are proposed with 58 parking spaces provided underground. These units are permitted
under the current Official Plan designation and the current zoning.

On the east side of the new north/south road are 169 stacked townhouse units, 12.5
metres in height, 3 blocks of which are located north of the MaCaulay Avenue extension
and 6 blocks located south of the extension. All the townhouses face either north or
south, with those on the perimeter of the blocks facing the streets and those on the
interior of the site facing pedestrian walkways.

All 177 resident parking spaces are provided underground with driveway access off Ruskin and Wallace Avenues. Twenty- six visitor parking are proposed to be located below grade and eight are located at-grade
on the new public streets. A 450 square metre community centre is proposed to be located at the southeast corner of
Ruskin Avenue a

from the developers counsel…

City Staff are recommending the conversion of the Site from Employment Areas to

Neighbourhoods with a General
Employment Areas designation being maintained adjacent to the railway corridor on the
west side of the Site. City Staff are also proposing Site and Area Specific Policy No. 419 for
the Site, which will permit residential uses subject to a number of conditions.

…more from the city Background Report

Site and Surrounding Area The irregular shaped site was previously used as a paint factory. All the buildings on the
site have been demolished and site remediation has taken place, details of which are
discussed in the Phase I Environmental report submitted with the application.

The site is located on the east side of the Lower Galt Subdivision rail line, between Ruskin and
Wallace Avenues.

North: To the north of the site, on the north side of Ruskin Avenue is the Toronto Hydro
Junction Substation and low scale, semi-detached houses.

East: To the east of the site are detached and semi-detached houses fronting on Ruskin, MaCaulay and Wallace Avenues.

South: To the south of the site, on the south side of Wallace Avenue is a converted
industrial building containing 38 residential units and a new townhouse
development with 134 units.

West: To the west of the site is the West Toronto Railpath and the Lower Galt
Subdivision rail line which contains both the GO Milton line and the GO
Georgetown line