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43 Junction Rd, the fitness and supermarket site being built on the Monarch Mills site current info, as of this week of Apr 2016


The blog has learned from the most reliable source, the following info about the 43 Junction Rd site, as the site built is proceeding now.

  • 1, there will be one organic supermarket which will be The Organic Garage.
  • 2, There will be one fitness centre ( forgot to verify the name/ will next week )
  • 3, if there are too be any further smaller retail buildings they will come later
  • 4, the developer is aware of the need for a large amount of parking and optimizing the parking available.
  • 4, the second floor is being built right now

The they may be able to open later this year, there was much positive inflection in the voice of the person who told me.


Ok, those are proably the main points most people want to know now, more later today or Saturday.

43 Junction Rd, Silos with connected with bridge

43 junction rdmaple mills with bridge

As late as the 70’s climbing the east silos staircase to the top as a kid was possible, and scary.


as the last silos comes down it is a sad moment for the Junction. The other siolo came down in 2010.



Who is Adam The Woo – A Documentary – more Junction than you think



This post is about places. Adam the Woo is an urban adventurer who documents his visits disused and abandoned places on a YouTube channel. His efforts to communicate the importance of places in communities and visitations to various disused industrial buildings all have a real connection to the Greater Junction Area. Our area has some very hard-core urban explorers. Some simply visiting out of interest, while others seek the history and value to our community from their visits. We also have so many places and things that need to explored and documented.

Adams commitment to produce videos of so many places – even Toronto – is great and his methods are simply wonderful.

Below is a documentary by Kenny Johnson with Adam the Woo which provides a glimpse into a staggering body of work.

If above embed is not working on your devise here is the direct URL

Adams web site Http://



43 Junction Rd, as big changes in the sites use come in…

maybe it is  time to view a few more images of how it is now.

IMG_7230 IMG_7231 IMG_7232





Can the silos survive development of a supermarket on the site?

43 Junction Rd notice of decision allowed permission for supermarket

The old Maple Leaf Mills site has gained permission to have built and operate a 2643 meters squared supermarket.
It is rumoured the retail store operator will be the Organic Garage of Oakville.
Images of COM published decision.

Mulock Ave and area industrial concurrent activities on any morning

American retailer Target adds The Junction to its lineup


Well the Junction gets a Target – a store that can cause  more than a few of the Junction people to drive to Buffalo to shop.

This author is wondering just what effect this will have on the store-scape  in the area, will it ring up customers from the local Walmart, Futureshop and the other big box stores in the area?


Will it create a greater retail diverse store class on the local Dundas St. West strip?

One area it will definitively have development effect on in the reworking of 43 Junction Road.


Toronto location – at a site being developed by Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust at the corner of Weston and St. Clair– was announced at the real estate company’s annual general meeting Wednesday.

….other interesting stories about this development.


Why Target’s Canada Move Matters link

Sizing up which REITs will win from Target’s advance


Monarch Rd today from the Maple Leaf Mills site

This Road which has been abandoned for so long by the city is now visible. (but not useable)

To the left and right of the bottom image sat industrial buildings  about 15 years ago.

To the left was the Dominion Corrugated Company.

To the right was the repair building for the mill. The mill repair building has been gone for over twenty years. In the seventies this roadway was buzzing 24 hours a day.

It was incredibly dirty with the road caked with oil and grain.

Now with the entire mill site undergoing a revitalization, with a possible school and other high street elements, the area is being transformed in a great way.

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East silos to come down and the west silos will stay

Well if anything proves that the Junction is achangen to this author who has always had a connection to the Junction thought out my life it is this.

At 43 Junction Rd the east silos are to come down in Nov. or Dec of this year.

The blogs hopes to publish some in-depth images of them next week.

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Studio space in the Junction…


43 Junction Rd lease sign too bad it's not for studios

43 Junction Rd lease sign too bad it's not for studios

The top image in this post which is  from a building in the Junction Triangle would be a welcome site in the Junction.  Studio space in the Junction for “makers – those who design and construct” is almost non  existent.

Now one of the best options for this use is simply renting as storage space.

43 Junction Road – St Marys Cement Co – major lot clean up as West Toronto Diamond Project moves in


The silo lot at 43 Junction Road has gone though a clean up in the past few months. The cleanup  now may be complete.  Much of this cleanup has been a reuse of the lot from  the disorganized use of the lot as a parking lot for other local businesses and general property wear and tear of the west side of lot – the west side of the silos. Also the general debris of years is gone, and the silos secured to ingress :-(.

West of the silos, fewer trucks are parked at the site and those which are still there as parked in a more organized layout. The east side of the silos and between the two groups, and at the back of the lot, the Go Transit West Toronto Diamond project has used the lot for about two months. They have set up a portable office and are storing earth moving machinery on the site.

All the while the St Marys Cement Co continues its operations. St Marys Cement use of the silos for a railcar offload and distribution  operation is viewed by this author as  great adaptive use of the built infrastructure of the Junction.

The cleanup and the removal of the truck trailers is currently allowing a great view of the warehoused section of the buildings on the site.DSC05353