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Who is Adam The Woo – A Documentary – more Junction than you think



This post is about places. Adam the Woo is an urban adventurer who documents his visits disused and abandoned places on a YouTube channel. His efforts to communicate the importance of places in communities and visitations to various disused industrial buildings all have a real connection to the Greater Junction Area. Our area has some very hard-core urban explorers. Some simply visiting out of interest, while others seek the history and value to our community from their visits. We also have so many places and things that need to explored and documented.

Adams commitment to produce videos of so many places – even Toronto – is great and his methods are simply wonderful.

Below is a documentary by Kenny Johnson with Adam the Woo which provides a glimpse into a staggering body of work.

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Storage facility gutted by fire last week was the Junction Dodge Plant


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Additional images of the building and area are at the 


A storage facility at Osler and Pelham in Toronto went up in flames on January 9th, 2012 and continued to burn for two days. This was not the first time in recent history that the building’s structure had been challenged. In 2006, the building was hit by a grain train when it derailed from the neighbouring railway tracks. Here are some photos from John (aka Krunkwerke) of the aftermath of that derailment:

While the building is currently one of many storage facilities in the neighbourhood, the building and the site are historically significant to the Junction area. Here is a photo from 1948 of the building, from the Toronto Archives :




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