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Best report design this blog has ever for a Junction Development.

Bousfields Inc. PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN RATIONALE for  produced in Feb. 2016 to rationalize for city approval the development companies conversion of 248 & 260 HIGH PARK AVENUE is a triumph of design and information presentation. The quality of the report in providing urban design and heritage information, as presented data and throughly thought thru “worded data” makes the report much more important to the community than a mere report as part of a development proposal.

Just take a look at this graphic from the report, depicting our areas LAND USE DESIGNATIONS. Beautiful with clear information.

click for full size

You may not need to regularly, read development texts submitted by developers, as this blog author does, be sure if you want a good balanced view of issues and needs of planning in the Junction and High Park this is a great report to read. It is also a visual coup of report design for those of you interested in the graphic communication of data.

Yep, the blog has no commercial or any other conflicts of interest that would could this opinionated post.

The cover of the report. Salivating.


click image for full size image of the reports cover.
The full report click here, Bousfields High Park


Bousfields Inc.
3 Church Street, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2

Open wall garage examples, a solution? to small yard and car cover issue in the Junction, a parking idea post

The Junction, wonderfully tight lots that allow close connect with your neighbours, and an  intimate living experience in the small footage homes.   Yet parking is a common concern, coming home from shopping, picking up the children or work, the issue of finding a parking space comes to mind.

Many people choose to park the care on the street, while some abet less chose part of the back yard. the back yard choice has lots of good benefits and some not so good. The main good benefit is that there is always a parking space, yet this also takes away an good park of the backyards livable ground space.

Building a garage also protects the vehicle and provides a great storage area for items for gardening and such. yet a walled garage cannot really eat into the open space of the yard, and cause sun blockage.

Open air garage solves many of the problems and removes  a lot of the problems.


side view from next door, highlighting the open top wall to allowlight into the yard


front doors



looking up at the ceiling of the building



side view


close side view


ceiling of building




side view from next door

City Hall ceiling details

 Thought out most public spaces in the New City Hall aluminum box channel is used as a ceiling material. Both inside and out.
 In the photo below you see the channel on the underside of the ramp if the east side of Nathan Phillips Square.


Location:Lake Shore Blvd E,Toronto,Canada

The Symes Rd train Wall

“When the wall was built originally it suppose to serve as a sound wall. Now that there is no track behind it something should be done to reduce its height. 100 Symes now has 15+ businesses including a brewery (Rainhart) + Sports gym (Monkey Vault). People are getting lost driving around trying to figure out how to get across. A simple rail will do to prevent traffic.”

As a sound barrier wall from the train noise, the wall had a a very short life. The land that was the rain tracks was then sold to St Helens Meat packers which uses it as a parking lot for their employees. The wall most probably belongs to the City of Toronto, or the development if the houses built on the sound side of the wall at are some type of condo development.

The best solution to increased traffic on the south side of the wall now that is looking for 100 Symes Rd. would be directional signage.

However the wall does present a rather special iconic reuse that retains the memory of the tracks that once fed the Canada Packers site.



Who is Adam The Woo – A Documentary – more Junction than you think



This post is about places. Adam the Woo is an urban adventurer who documents his visits disused and abandoned places on a YouTube channel. His efforts to communicate the importance of places in communities and visitations to various disused industrial buildings all have a real connection to the Greater Junction Area. Our area has some very hard-core urban explorers. Some simply visiting out of interest, while others seek the history and value to our community from their visits. We also have so many places and things that need to explored and documented.

Adams commitment to produce videos of so many places – even Toronto – is great and his methods are simply wonderful.

Below is a documentary by Kenny Johnson with Adam the Woo which provides a glimpse into a staggering body of work.

If above embed is not working on your devise here is the direct URL

Adams web site Http://



108 Vine Ave at the height of operations of the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd


Click on Image for full size view


GovanBrown Construction Managers Canada is revitalizing the iconic Junction industrial buildingsat at 108 Vine Ave. Most recently the long term home of Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited, the building was build by and for the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd.

Above is an image of the building at the height of the Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd use of the building.


Below is part of a Dr. Jackson Foods Ltd. advertisement.






Got to love and admire the person who left this building element intact

IMG_6071 IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6080



A long time ago someone built a roof over a Junction house veranda. The builder had the foresight to leave and build around a earlier facade treatment. His or her choice now provides all us with an authentic design and construction method and style to reference.

This detail on a house grouping of three is the only remaining detail of the type on the three houses. Yet all three houses have exact studying inset into the bricks indicating this may have been a original feature of the house.

In the next bit the blog with post a PDF drawing of piece with dimensions and joinery notes.

Atlantic Cities blog post, How Historic Architecture Can Anchor Economic Dev.

Above the poster from the 2012 NATIONAL HERITAGE SUMMIT.

It’s ridiculously easy to think about the benefits of historic preservation.

Link to the post.

The Atlantic Cities blog has a great post on tax credits for historical preservation of buildings.

Link to the post.

Something that could do a lot for the Junction in saving parts of its historic built character.

Well worth reading as a primer on historic preservation.

A new site is up at in ermine itself with a Junction Heritage District.

You can find this link and many others on the site which maintains a large list of local links.

Click here to visit their site.

Location:McMurray Ave,Toronto,Canada

Malta Bake Shop and Gilmore Ave

Walking throughout the Junction can be swift when on errands, but if walk slowly and look at the many of the buildings forms you can see interesting histories build from people’s efforts.

The Malta Bake Shop store is one – a rectangular store sat in front of an existing building. The addition is one story in height and provides space for the seating area of business as well as the cash and serving areas.

Whilst the baking area is within the old building.

Situated out if the main Junction retail strip this bakery often is missed by new comers to the area. Offering great and authentic Maltese bakery items and legendary Pastizzis.

Also it is one of last aces in the Junction retail rep where you can experience the Junction of old while having a snack or making a purchase.


Old Canada Bread factory photo grouping of opening up of formerly bricked up back windows.

1st much thanks to reader Jimi Fir alerting the blog to this.

The factory now being converted into artist studios has a wonderful transformation at its rear.

The windowed bricked up
For so long are being shod of their bricks.

Inside the northern most space.

Inside looking towards the CPR tracks at doors that once held the opening for the waste doors for the bakery.

Track side view

Silvano Colour Labs history and specs of the purpose built building currently for sale.

This  building was purposely for the professional printing  firm  Silvano Colour Lab a company that  was very big in the professional photo printing for decades. 1st in a very similar looking building just across the street from this building which the business occupied until its closing.

Silvano Venuto and John Sacilotto created a     colour processing company in Toronto’s west end just south of Roger Rd. On Old Weston Rd. Skilled engineers they built   their own processing machinery, modified equipment all to provide on of the best printing services available.

Silvano Color Labs moved forward with all the changes taking place in their industry for decades, well just over 5 decades.. The technological  sweep of  digital imaging  photography and new forms of sharing photos such as email and online photo services greatly changed the nature of the industry, yet this great company stayed open until February 3, 2012.

This blogger with really miss their SILVANO EASY CROP MASKS.


from their website – now down.


We’ve been serving the Photofinishing Needs of Wedding/Social, School, Sports and Industrial/Commercial Photographers, Wedding Couples and Photo Consumers since 1955. We offer a full range of FILM (including C-41, E-6 and B&W) and DIGITAL PHOTO IMAGING services. We also offer Giclée printing and Press Services. You can order on-line through our S.O.S. Order System or our FTP Server. Please visit our Showroom for a large variety of Albums, Scrapbooks, CD/DVD Holders, Folders, Easels, Mounts, Memory Mates, Folios and Photo Packaging. We are based in Toronto Ontario Canada.


PDF for their last downloadable price list, its more than price-list though, rather a text and pictorial model of how the professional printing business operated.


image from:

The Building.


Building Area: 84,000 sq ft (above grade + 28,000 sq ft lower level)
Typical Floor: 28,000 sq ft (approximately)
Total Area: 56,628 sq ft – 1.8 acres (mpac)
Frontage: 240.75‘
Depth: 235.2’
T.M.I.: $2.91/ sq ft (2009)
Shipping: 1 X truck level, 5 X drive-in
Zoning: E – General Employment
Elevators: 1 X Freight, 2 X Passenger
Parking: +/-150 surface
List Price: $7,950,000.00 – $94.64/ sq ft

This image from sales flyer of click image to visit their site


VENDOR: Silvano and Celestina Investments.
BUILDING AREA: 28,000 sq.ft. – Lower level
28,000 sq.ft. – First floor
28,000 sq.ft – Second Floor
28,000 sq.ft. – Third Floor
112,000 sq.ft. – Total Building area
LOT DIMENSIONS: 240.75’ Frontage x 235.2’ Depth
LOT AREA: 56,628 square feet – 1.8 acres (As per MPAC)
ZONING: “E – General Employment” – allowing a variety of industrial uses, some commercial as well as office uses subject
to municipal approval.
BUILDING: Brick veneer exterior, pored concrete and I-Beam construction;
Triple thermal pane window units;
Flat tar and gravel roof;
27.7 kilo-volts Vendor owned electrical sub-station;
15 X 5/10 ton HVAC Units;
Steel, rebar and poured concrete floors,.
400 sq ft Bay size;
13’ Clear Height; and,
1 X truck level – 5 X drive in shipping doors.
ADJACENT LAND USES: To the north: Public Self-Storage facility;
To the south: Monument manufacturing and Show-Room;
To the east: CN/CP and GO Railway corridor; and
To the west: Residential dwellings and Commercial use.

Silvano 2011 website image.



What they have… we don’t in community building resources

The reason for the trip to the Bloordale area today was to visit Nelison Park Creative Centre, a place for families and children, a making place for kids, a leaning environment for everyone for everyone.

A gallery, a community meeting place ringing with light sounds from adult classes and kids summer events, which I can hear as I sit in the gallery.

Why provide you with all this information about a building and it’s community two citys wards away and blocks from the Junction? Well the local police will move from their current building on 209 Mavety St in the next month or so.

When · 11 Division, on Mavety St. leaves the city will offer the building internally to any department in need of it. Or worse sell it! .. For development, to private businesses for use.

Yet this blog believes the community should have the building for it’s own uses. In our ward the community has a very special place in the area of Swansea the Swansea Town Hall. This building is wonderful for the community, ward 13’s current councillor came out the town hall, undoubtedly having community gain opinions and knowledge of her while she worked there. What a great way to see the values and operational skills of a future politician.

Yet it is not of the Junction, Swansea Town Hall. It’s too far for families to walk to. Activities and needs for the local people probably differ in many ways. The Junction is much more urban and industrially gritty than Sawnsea. Further the Junction is strip community straddling a rail network.

The Junction consisting of the Upper Junction and lower Junction could benefit greatly from the conversion of the police station into community use.

What could it be like … Here are a few photos of the Nelison Park Creative Centre in Bloordale. Left out are images of the activity rooms as they were occupied with people.










Tailors Shoes arcade to go?

This arcade takes up  a great amount of  the floor space available in the building – a remarkable proportion that was commonplace in shops in the 1930s to the 1960’s in the Junction. The double sided shop has two side display windows and a third and fourth outcrop at the rear on both the left and right side.
 The arcade floor is black, red and white small tiled surface in great condition. The display cases are edged in chrome surrounds but there are no glazing snaps between some of the large panes of plate glass. Large expanses of glazing, particularly curved or bent glass, were very fashionable at one time.
All beautiful, but I just cannot see the social agency (Community Living Toronto is a community organization serving individuals with an intellectual disability, they will offer community social and recreational classes and activities)  moving in keeping it, as they probably need the arcade space inside the building.
UPDATE: The Junction residents association has spoken with them about keeping the arcade


Mulock Ave and area industrial concurrent activities on any morning

Vine ave demolition happening Tuesday Morning

61 63 67 Vine ave coming down Tuesday, these images about 9:15