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The majestic Heintzman Place in the buildings natural habitat

Heintzman Place view from the the industrial lot just north of the tracks from the condo. Heintzman Place views as a majestic building from this perspective. 

It’s spring!

Who is Adam The Woo – A Documentary – more Junction than you think



This post is about places. Adam the Woo is an urban adventurer who documents his visits disused and abandoned places on a YouTube channel. His efforts to communicate the importance of places in communities and visitations to various disused industrial buildings all have a real connection to the Greater Junction Area. Our area has some very hard-core urban explorers. Some simply visiting out of interest, while others seek the history and value to our community from their visits. We also have so many places and things that need to explored and documented.

Adams commitment to produce videos of so many places – even Toronto – is great and his methods are simply wonderful.

Below is a documentary by Kenny Johnson with Adam the Woo which provides a glimpse into a staggering body of work.

If above embed is not working on your devise here is the direct URL

Adams web site Http://



The 6 Lloyd company – the developer Stanton Renaissance


As the 6 Lloyd site will probably be just as big or than the Heintzman Place development – which has turned out to be a great boon to the Junction community, the blog though it would interesting to post some of the information about the developer of the site. Stanton Renaissance  highlights on its web site the leadership of Louie Santaguida, it is a major thrust of the text on the firms website is the characteristic management of the company by this seemingly driven individual. The  Heintzman Place development was also developed by a driven leader .  Brownfield developments often need driven and idealistic developers to be built,  before Options for Homes Michel Labbé stepped in the Heintzman Place was a empty and disused old Canadian Tire retail store building.

Photo credit - Youtude screen cap from Luigi Santaguida 2010 Ryerson  Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Photo credit – Youtude screen cap from Luigi Santaguida 2010 Ryerson Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

 Mr Santaguida certainly knowns the 6 Lloyd Ave site as one of the former companies –  the Terrasan Group  cleaned up the old paint factory site.

The 6 Lloyd Avenue nee Benjamin Moore site

The 6 Lloyd Avenue nee Benjamin Moore site


If the city decides to change the zoning of the site to allow the construction of condos, hopefully with the condition of a light industrial component, this developer may just get the lot back as part of the community.

The blog really wants to stress how  important for this site and the community the dual use of residential and real light industrial/commercial use is. Mixing these two types of use will be creating a balanced community and probably lead to greater revitalization of the Mulock Ave/ old Weston Rd area with lighter industry and more residential/commercial  uses.

All text in italics from the Stanton Renaissance website.

With Louie Santaguida at its helm, Stanton Renaissance has carved a unique position within the new development community in Toronto, the GTA and southern Ontario. No ordinary developer, this is a company with deep roots in the revitalization of land; with vast experience in the transformation of spoiled land into viable, green and ultimately buildable land. The company specializes in the transformation of dysfunctional areas – particularly communities with unrealized social, environmental and economic potential.  These are the communities that turn on Mr. Santaguida’s juice – the more challenging, the better! His vision is extraordinary; where most see urban rot and ugliness, Louie Santaguida sees vibrancy, growth, potential and success!

07-12-2013 1-41-39 AM

This is the face of Stanton Renaissance. The company is run by Louie Santaguida and it is his vision that has created perhaps the most unique development company in Canada. Stanton Renaissance embodies Louie’s philosophy and unrelenting drive.

With his background in chemical engineering, Louie’s career has included stints in environmental clean- up, construction, development and even a foray into creating the perfect snack chip! What’s Cooking Louie had perfected beet, sweet potato and Yukon Gold chips long before they became staples in Canadian supermarkets.

Louie has worked on some of Toronto’s most well-known properties including Sky Dome, Air Canada Centre and The World Trade Centre to name just a few.

Louie Santaguida is a visionary. He has an uncanny ability to transform properties from dysfunctional, derelict areas into beautiful, viable, exciting residential communities that redefine neighbourhoods and provide residents with exceptional value and lifestyle options. Always located around public transportation hubs, the people who live in a Stanton Renaissance community often do so without the need of a car. Buildings are built with the ultimate in green technology and are always environmentally responsible.

Presently, Stanton Renaissance is developing numerous sites throughout Toronto and the GTA as well as southern Ontario.

With Louie Santaguida in charge, there is no question that the communities he takes on will be transformed into fabulous places to live, work and play.

Here is some information on another of the firms projects,

07-12-2013 1-43-31 AM 07-12-2013 1-43-41 AM


On The Go Mimico features contemporary design with unobstructed views of the lake and city, the latest finishing features, large stylish balconies, Italian designed and manufactured gourmet kitchens with Caesar Stone countertops, gorgeous backsplashes, stylish stainless steel appliances and one of the most exciting new technologies that will save residents significant money on heating and cooling costs. On The Go Mimico will incorporate Toronto’s first high rise integrated GeoExchange and Cogeneration technology that works with nature to borrow the energy from the earth in the winter and put it back in the summer, redirecting and recycling to where it is needed. In fact residents at On The Go Mimico will save around 30% on utility costs and on monthly condo fees because of this progressive and innovative technology.

Of course, On The Go Mimico has other important features too – an accessible green roof with BBQs, an eco-carwash, a pet grooming station, a high tech gym with yoga and Pilates studios and a very hip Party Room. There will also be a gourmet fine food store, espresso and coffee bar, meeting rooms and guest suites to accommodate overnight visitors. Surrounded by the warm and friendly community of Mimico, (identified as Toronto’s top emerging community and one of the ten best places to live in the GTA) residents will enjoy an eclectic variety of shops, bakeries, cafes and restaurants as well as lush parks and lakefront trails.

But the big story here is the opportunity to live literally “on the GO” for tens of thousands of dollars less than living in the downtown core.

To create a fitting Presentation Centre for On The Go Mimico, Stanton Renaissance refurbished Mimico’s circa 1916 CN rail station, located in Coronation Park on Royal York Road. When the Presentation Centre is no longer needed, the company will return the rail station’s interior to its original design and give it back to the community as a historical rail museum.

The condominium features 242 suites from 537 sq. ft. to 2,700 sq. ft. including two levels of 11-foot high ceiling penthouses. Prices start in the mid $200’s.

Heintzman Place court area winter beauty

The Heintzman Place condominium just north of Keele St And Dundas has on the east side has a admirablecourt area elevated from the street and accessible by the staircase to the north of the the Canadian tire Gas Bar.

Today it has a winter wonderland feel to it.



WTJHS meeting Historical Walking Tour: Sunday, October 23 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.



Historical Walking Tour: Sunday, October 23 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Tickling the Keys: the Heintzman Piano Company. One of the world’s most famous piano manufacturers was based in the Junction. Follow in the footsteps of the Heintzman family and company employees during this two-hour guided walking tour led by members of the West Toronto Junction Historical Society.
Starts at Annette Street Public Library at 2:00 p.m.Tickets $20.
For Heintzman tour tickets, call 416-763-3161or e-mail:
Tickets are also available from:
Annette Street Public Library, 145 Annette Street
Ice Cream Junction, 3103 Dundas Street West
Pandemonium, 2862 Dundas Street West
Wise Daughters Craft Market, 3079B Dundas Street West

Monarch Rd and Heinzman Place



A view of Heinzman Place the remaining Maple Leaf Silo and the last of the Monarch Rd. pavement . Monarch Rd which is now all but gone used tothe main address for the  milling firm that it received its name from, at the end of the roadd facing south to your was the repairs shop of the milling operations and to your left was DOMINION CORRUGATED PAPER.



Campbell Flour Mills Co.Ltd. 12 Monarch Rd.
Maple Leaf Milling Co.Ltd. (Monarch brand flour


Major building changes to your Junction Area house?

Soil engineer checking soil conditions at a Junction area house


Increasingly many house owners in the Junction area are deciding to enlarge their house, by heightening the basement by lowing the level of the basement floor or converting the attic to usable space or adding an addition.

Any of these projects involves the use of a building permit. In addition to the architectural or designers drawings, an engineers report as to the suitability of the building foundation to support the changes will be required.

Having the knowledge about the need for the engineers report is what this post is about as in new parts of this ward the construction includes footings, but they are not common on 1st lot construction homes in the Junction. Thus the necessarily need for this professional action to performed before a permit is issued by the city.

Often the house owner finds out about this need and its  costs for the report and many times remedial foundation work to strength the foundation is required.

Most Junction houses do not have a footing, but a foundation sitting  on soil, often this has to provided to add an addition or do other major renos. This remedial work can outstrip the cost of the design services.


The last crane on the 1st Junction Condo?

Heintzman place Railside photos

What a change over from the past decade  on the Old Cantire site,