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The Stockyards Mall – St Clair Ave. sign-age install photos


The picture does not clearly show the illumination method of the sign-age but it is LEDs



What appears to be a drive in entrance off of St Clair Ave. just east of the Weston Rd. / Keele St intersection



On the Target South west corner is constructed this fall back from the Ave. – probably? to lessen the presence of the structure on the street. Oh! really it probably the sculpture platform, which would be nice ūüėČ




Sign-age was the scene on St Clair West strip of The Stockyards Mall  Wednesday the 29 th with two crews working on the same side  about 50 meters apart.

The Beet is one Blogto’s top veg restaurants

Photo by  by Rob Hyndman Flickr, click image to visit his Flickr site

Photo by by Rob Hyndman Flickr, click image to visit his Flickr site


The top 10 vegan non-vegan restaurants in Toronto, includes the Junction’s The Beet –¬†2945 Dundas St W,¬†(416) 916-2368 Web site

text from the Blogto article

¬†The Beet This Junction mainstay is co-owned by a trained nutritional practitioner and a homeopathic doctor, so it’s no wonder they have plenty of vegan friendly dishes on their menu like avocado and tofu wraps, kale salad and vegan mac and cheese. Lesser expected is the other half of the menu designed to win over meat eaters too including bison burgers, steak salad and roast chicken wraps. Maybe you really can win friends with salad.

Toy Camera Workshop (film) Saturday October 19th & 26th 2013


fsc_Toy_Camera_Workshop_film_Saturday_October_19th_26th_2013_ARTiculations (1)




The art and activity art business, is conducting a Toy Camera workshop this cooing October.



Heather Phillips & Miki Rubin

T 416.901.7464

2928 Dundas St West
The Junction
Toronto On
M6P 1Y8
info (at)

Junction Design Crawl Friday, 23 August. 7-11pm:

Be Guided by the Lights at the 3rd Annual Design Crawl. Friday, 23 August. 7-11pm:

Hosted by Your Favourite Shops. Start off your Friday night by going out for an evening stroll, where all of your favourite stores will be playing host for the evening. The Junction Design Crawl is organized by a group of independent business owners in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. Come to participating locations to see innovative design displays, participate in one-of-a-kind installations, savour exotic snacks, and hear great live music. All of the businesses participating in the Junction Design Crawl will have white lights strung up outside of their shops, making it easy to navigate the evening.

Visit their site, Click here

Empty stores on the Dundas retail strip are few these days – but two have sat for months.




Sitting empty for months is a rare occurrence for shop space on the strip. Retail leads out quickly – often before the old tenant moves out. Cases in point the Hakim Optical moves – restaurant contraction starts same week. Bakers Dozen closes Tim’s starts renovating within a week.

Has the new expanded strip area of the area west of Quebec Ave become the preferred new business location?

Gerhard Supply – Mens clothing store has great window dressings and stock…



dundas march 26 2013 (7)

dundas march 26 2013 (8)

dundas march 26 2013 (10)

dundas march 26 2013 (11)

This clothing store for men is a great addition to the Dundas St. West. retail strip. the spare decor  really highlights the goods. AThe simple black ceiling which the walls do not reach is a defining detail.

Menswear shop moving into old comic book store at Dundas St. W. and Medland Ave .

2949 Dundas Street West is to have a menswear shop,


18-02-2013 5-40-09 PM18-02-2013 5-37-22 PM



Parking and the retail development of 108 Vine Ave.

Many people on Vine Ave, had issue with the noise and movement times of the Topper Linen trucks using the old Canadian Rogers Eastern Roofing Division lot at approx 146 Vine Ave.  The Topper linen Рa company the addressed residents concerns with care, no longer uses the lot, having left a few weeks ago. Was this to  empty the lot to renovate it for use as the grocery store parking lot

06-02-2013 4-19-50 PM



Previous road use issues which included the backing in of large trucks resulted in the installation of the low hollow structural steel guards on the south side of Vine Ave. (pictured below).

06-02-2013 4-19-20 PM


Recent Pole Advertising on the Junction Strip.

A few readers may know this blog loves pole advertising of local businesses because of its local roots and ability to communicate right on the spot.



Today fine showcase brings a gym and a great design store from the Roncy area.


photo (1)



Is it the Tim Hortons effect on the west Junction retail strip to be to lengthen it?


The Junction retail strip runs geographically from Annette St and Dundas St. West to the east and Runnymede Rd and Dundas St. West to the west.

For a¬† hundred years until the early 80’s the entire stripe was hopping.

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Simarone Design opens its storefront designs layout sparks of Roycrofters

The owner/operator Of¬†¬†Simarone design has opened up his front retail part of his studio building, stepping right into a the reclamation of¬†¬†the Junction craft movement that occurred¬†during the 20 and 30’s.

Designer Makers¬†were the abundant¬†in the |Junction during that heyday period with some such as Majestic¬†Glass only stopped their proiatership in the early 80’s.

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Shout out to real old Junction businesses

Some Junction businesses were here before the 12 year retail disaster of closed shops along Dundas St. W. and stayed throughout it all.

Here are two of them.

StereoKing (was a Pacific and Dundas for years)


Dencan books (was on the other side if the street for decades)


Forever Interiors still open during building repairs

One of original retro-Reno retailers in the Junction this store which opened selling neat retro finds and has bloomed into a maker retailer is undergoing repairs to its building.

Apparently part of the stores interior which appeared to be fully build building was simply a roof make over a outside yard. Placed on the building on conjunction withy the buildings on either side in the 20’s this roof was leaking and repairs are being made to the building to correct the issues.

Pie Shack on Annette best out side furniture

There is not much – in fact one table two chairs but they are terrific. The Pie Shack has chosen Items that ate objects in themselves even when you ignore their practical and functional use.

Naturally rusted pressed metal goes a long way today in providing feeling.

Wisedaughters craft store has a excellent work on display – The Enigma of Tree, Mona Istrati-Mulhern

The Enigma of Tree, Mona Istrati-Mulhern– now at Wise-daughters craft market is to be seen. If the you simply look at the promotion images put out by the shop you may feel the interest in seeing the work.

These paintings are the result of effort and thoughtful/endeavour.


“The Enigma of Tree”, a solo show by¬†Mona Istrati-Mulhern,¬†in the gallery through Oct 31.