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David Fincher’s Advice to Young Filmmakers, …it applies to community makers too.

David Fincher’s Advice to Young Filmmakers, really applies to those doing community works.


Metrolinx states Old Weston/Junction Rd Rail Crossing will only reopen in Summer 2014

Georgetown South Project Junction Rd.


In other Metrolinx news…

The City of Toronto will be closing the Dufferin Street Bridge to pedestrians and cyclists from 10:00 pm October 9 to approximatelyOctober 18.  Metrolinx is completing maintenance work on the underside of the bridge, which spans the GO Transit/Metrolinx rail corridor. Pedestrians who want to walk to Exhibition Place can access the grounds from Atlantic Avenue.

Parking and the retail development of 108 Vine Ave.

Many people on Vine Ave, had issue with the noise and movement times of the Topper Linen trucks using the old Canadian Rogers Eastern Roofing Division lot at approx 146 Vine Ave.  The Topper linen – a company the addressed residents concerns with care, no longer uses the lot, having left a few weeks ago. Was this to  empty the lot to renovate it for use as the grocery store parking lot

06-02-2013 4-19-50 PM



Previous road use issues which included the backing in of large trucks resulted in the installation of the low hollow structural steel guards on the south side of Vine Ave. (pictured below).

06-02-2013 4-19-20 PM


Pie Shack on Annette best out side furniture

There is not much – in fact one table two chairs but they are terrific. The Pie Shack has chosen Items that ate objects in themselves even when you ignore their practical and functional use.

Naturally rusted pressed metal goes a long way today in providing feeling.

Urban wood craft outside High Park Nails and Spa

Recently 2 two wood craft words have appears out side this nails and Spa .

Simple yet complex in the make up. Each provide a break from concrete strip.

3030 Dundas St. West street inset and railing a good planning decision by the proprietors

3030 a recently opened pub and entertainment venue which really could fit right in on the Caledonian Rd in Islington west London UK, a hub of unique entertainment venues coupled with pubs.

Yet what most caught this blogs interest other than the coupled business model – which was not fully developed in the Junction until this venue opened is the Inclusion at the front entrance of a setback into the building space.

This space with its railing allows the patrons to have a outside space for gabbing and just propping around outside, contributing to the the street activity in a great way.

Two of the most interesting top building facades on the Dundas St west strip in the Junction


With many of the buildings sat in the strip having their bay or oriel windows removed. Extensive renos that remove the fabric of the original building. Removing social culture that has come into being over the decades associated with built form, its great to see these two buildings and their owners celebrating, their buildings unique fabric.




Good save of beautiful oriel window building front by building owner

This building housing Scandinavia and I hear now Japanese furniture and designer maker objects has won a coup with its present owners. After an extended period fronted with scaffolding, now removed the wonderfully designed front outcrop is still there.

This architectural feature on this building has long been a prize in the facade treatments of the Junction.

Great to see it remain.

Mjölk (Milk) pure, honest, and essential. Mjölk represents designers from … Located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto. Mjölk. 2959 Dundas St W; Toronto Canada. 416-551-9853 …

Location:The Queensway,Toronto,Canada

Surprisingly Dundas St West has some dead use retail stores still.

Retail locations used as closed offices create rather odd and street face ugliness for the bright retail environment Dundas St. West is becoming.

As the lessor retail businesses occupying Dundas West retail spaces leave to be replaced by new exciting places the same hopefully will happen to these closed offices.


Eclectic furniture store on Annette St. Has high polish

572 Annette St. Is the location of a well laid and interestingly stocked store.

This area of Annette is quickly becoming home to lifestyle goods stores that are outshining stores on the main aerial strips such as Dundas St w. and Bloor St. W.



Lansdowne Ave. Reno, quite a sight!



WTJHS meeting Historical Walking Tour: Sunday, October 23 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.



Historical Walking Tour: Sunday, October 23 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Tickling the Keys: the Heintzman Piano Company. One of the world’s most famous piano manufacturers was based in the Junction. Follow in the footsteps of the Heintzman family and company employees during this two-hour guided walking tour led by members of the West Toronto Junction Historical Society.
Starts at Annette Street Public Library at 2:00 p.m.Tickets $20.
For Heintzman tour tickets, call 416-763-3161or e-mail:
Tickets are also available from:
Annette Street Public Library, 145 Annette Street
Ice Cream Junction, 3103 Dundas Street West
Pandemonium, 2862 Dundas Street West
Wise Daughters Craft Market, 3079B Dundas Street West

What can come out of west Toronto in design…Burton Kramer


Granted this author can get very excited about a new art book that even has a sprinkle of content regarding situationist art theory, and quite  jumpy at a design book  usually going thought 5 new ones a day.

So when this book showed up  on a post on grain edit, knowing this firms west Toronto location and great history happy times were here.

You seen the work regularly the… CBC logo 

Burton Kramer Identities is an important and comprehensive book on the work of a leading Canadian designer, educator and painter, who practiced for over 50 years.

Kramer began his design career in the New York office of Will Burtin and went on to work at Geigy under Gottfried Honegger. In 1961, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, as Chief Designer at the E. Halpern Agency, where he created award-winning work. In 1965, Kramer moved to Toronto to work on graphics and signage for Expo 67. In 1967, he founded Kramer Design Associates, creating identity programs for the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Educational Television and in 1974, his well-known logo and identity program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

His logos and corporate identity work have been published in numerous books and journals worldwide. In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ArtsToronto; in 2002, the Province of Ontario awarded him the Order of Ontario for his cultural contributions; and in 2003, the Ontario College of Art & Design granted him an honorary doctorate, D.Des.

Since about 2001, Kramer’s focus has shifted from design to painting. His abstract, geometry-based, lyrical, colorist paintings have been shown regularly in galleries in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and Canada.


a current design of their street furniture…


Current office of the firm is at Kramer Design Associates (KDA)
103 Dupont Street



Pull out – a post from another local blog that you can sink into



Over at the blog this article from April of 2011 provides an insight into that area rarely given in text about Toronto.  When visiting jump down to  A brief overview: text – a bit is re-posted here.



A brief overview:

Contemporary Yorkville, a gentrified district of expensive boutiques and luxury condominiums whose spiritual epicentre is the intersection of Bloor Street and Avenue Road, owes the bulk of its literary reputation to a brief bohemian period that lasted less than a decade but has inspired at least two generations of writers eager to pay homage to the memory of a neighbourhood once known as Toronto’s very own Haight- Ashbury.

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square” Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.


Help take Sorauren Park to the “next level”…

Design Workshop for the “Sorauren Square”

Wednesday, June 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Food and drinks provided

Help plan — and name — the new “Sorauren Square” proposed for the “dead zone” of derelict land between the Sorauren Fieldhouse and the old linseed oil factory.

At this public design workshop, we’ll look at town squares in other cities and countries, review the existing Sorauren Master Plan concepts, and get drawing!

Sorauren Square is envisioned as a place for markets, festivals, concerts, shows, events and meeting neighbours on warm summer evenings.

If you like to draw and dream, or have ideas for this new public space, please come to our Design Workshop. RSVP to so we can plan our numbers.

“Sorauren Square” Design Workshop

Wednesday, June 29

6:30 p.m. at the Sorauren Fieldhouse

50 Wabash Avenue

Light dinner and refreshments provided

Sponsored by the Wabash Building Society