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Junction Commons next meeting – Thursday Oct 10th 2013

Junction Commons – next general meeting this Thursday 10th Oct at Smash from 7-9 pm

What’s it all about,

All text from the Junction Commons site.


In 2011, the Toronto Police Service Division 11 moved from its former location at 209 Mavety Street to a new facility located on Davenport Road, leaving the former space unoccupied. This two-story building is approximately 60 years old and 25, 000 square feet.

Statement of Purpose

We residents of the Junction neighbourhood want to create an opportunity for public discussion about the future of the former Division 11 building. We would like to work with other interested members of the public to develop a plan for this site, converting this building into a community space that provides area residents a place to meet, work, play and participate in various community activities. Our model will be built on the principles of social justice, inclusivity and sharing, ensuring that all residents have a voice and work together to strengthen our community.


To create a sustainable, community-based, inclusive space

for Junction residents to come together.

We would like to see:

A space where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can come together to participate in activities and have the opportunity to learn from each other, share stories and experiences, and build relationships
A multi-functional space that fosters the arts and provides community members with the opportunity to participate in art projects, including visual arts, storytelling, performance arts and theatre, music and dance
Programs that foster communication skills, listening skills, and a love of learning, including literacy tutoring and peer mentorship
Community members coming together to share a meal in a Community Kitchen and discuss nutrition or sustainable food projects
A community garden, a local plants and seeds exchange program, and a green roof project
A place for the Junction Farmer’s Market
Community members have access to health-promotion activities and learn more about physical well-being by participating in walking clubs, tai chi, or classes in an exercise room; a place for counseling and harm reduction
Programs for people vulnerable to marginalization and violence, including the elderly, children and teenagers
A space where local community-based organizations, such as Green 13 and Project Neutral, can host events and provide presentations on energy audits, home retrofit programs, and the emerald ash borer, among others
Organizational Model

Key to the success of such an initiative is the identification of a business model that ensures this reconfigured space is sustainable moving forward. We envision sustaining this project through both community-based and government funding models. We look to other successful initiatives in the City of Toronto, including the Centre for Social Innovation, Wychwood Barns, STOP, West End Food Co-Op, Evergreen Brick Works, PARC, and Masaryk-Cowan, as models for the kind of space we would like to create.

Next Steps

This building is currently on list for recommendation for sale by the city to private interests. and it is advised that the following actions are taken:

Review the floor plans and recent building assessments to better understand the condition of the space
Review the potential legal basis for our claim to a public discussion of this space
Review relevant zoning laws that will inform the development of a proposal
Research funding options to inform the development of a proposal
Develop a comprehensive business plan and proposal for the space
Write letters and draft a community petition showing support from local residents and businesses

Toronto Star Article on the effort to claim the old #11 division for the community

Click Image to view article

Click Image to view article

Full article here

Torontoist piece on the future of the former police station at209 Mavety Street

Torontoist piece on the future of the former police station at209 Mavety Street:

link to article

Simple thought on why the community needs the old 11 division lot

Has anyone else noticed, the amount of community happenings at the 3030 restaurant on Dundas St.W. at High Park Ave. what 2 in past week?

Which is great, but it tweaked the blog again on how much this area needs the old police lot in the Junction as a community place.

Conversion of the current building or demo and build of a new building – which is probably the least costly choice.

What they have… we don’t in community building resources

The reason for the trip to the Bloordale area today was to visit Nelison Park Creative Centre, a place for families and children, a making place for kids, a leaning environment for everyone for everyone.

A gallery, a community meeting place ringing with light sounds from adult classes and kids summer events, which I can hear as I sit in the gallery.

Why provide you with all this information about a building and it’s community two citys wards away and blocks from the Junction? Well the local police will move from their current building on 209 Mavety St in the next month or so.

When · 11 Division, on Mavety St. leaves the city will offer the building internally to any department in need of it. Or worse sell it! .. For development, to private businesses for use.

Yet this blog believes the community should have the building for it’s own uses. In our ward the community has a very special place in the area of Swansea the Swansea Town Hall. This building is wonderful for the community, ward 13’s current councillor came out the town hall, undoubtedly having community gain opinions and knowledge of her while she worked there. What a great way to see the values and operational skills of a future politician.

Yet it is not of the Junction, Swansea Town Hall. It’s too far for families to walk to. Activities and needs for the local people probably differ in many ways. The Junction is much more urban and industrially gritty than Sawnsea. Further the Junction is strip community straddling a rail network.

The Junction consisting of the Upper Junction and lower Junction could benefit greatly from the conversion of the police station into community use.

What could it be like … Here are a few photos of the Nelison Park Creative Centre in Bloordale. Left out are images of the activity rooms as they were occupied with people.










Our police station is leaving… can this happen?

Toronto Police Division 11  is relocating, and the city owed building will be empty.  This building would make a wonderful mixed use centre for the community.

And just to let everyone know this can happen, here is the story of an old Parkdale police station that has become a mixed use centre for the that community.

Although this author believes the community can ,manage and run a centre without the assistance of the Parks department or Artscape, not that those are not fine groups, it’s just the Junction is the Junction.

During doors open you can visit this centre

From the doors open site

1313 Queen St. West was constructed in 1931 as City of Toronto Police Station Division 6 . It remained a police station until the early 1960’s . It then became emergency housing with the city of Toronto for about 14 years . The building then became a Metro property until it was turned over to Artscape for a 20 year lease at $1 /year . This came about with the support of the community and many individuals with the vision that the building would become a community venue for organizations and also house 9 live /work artist studios managed by Artscape . Today the building is full of activity and artists are now living in the original stable house.

Event information:
Learn the history of this former Police Station. Exhibition curated by Christopher Hume which displays works by Toronto artists inspired by local architecture.

Photography permitted: No tripod: No Filming permitted: No tripod: No

Getting there: Click here for map.

TTC (nearest station) Lansdowne /Dufferin & Bus to Queen St. W Bus/streetcar: Brock Street

11 DIVISION Police Move photo update


carlton ps takedown

at the rear of the school the 1st outside of the teardown appear

When we last checked in on this school near the corner of Davenport Rd and Old Weston Rd the demo work, was only beginning to start with surveying being done.

Now it’s looking like the finish line for the school  is in sight, though it doesn’t seem as though the big machines will be arriving in the next month if Priestly Demolition Inc follows it;s normal timeline  of removing the building inter 1st of salvageable materials . As we noted a year ago, the school is being  demolished to make way for the development of the new police 11 division station.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dundas High Park Ave traffic lights

Councillor Bill Saundercook and Martin Lennox of the JRA with Pascal Abboud chair of the Junction BIA cutting the ribbon

Pascal Abboud chair of the Junction BIA with Councillor Bill Saundercook and Martin Lennox of the JRA cutting the ribbon

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new traffic lights at was held today at lights with Councillor Bill Saundercook and Martin Lennox of the Junction Residents Association along with Pascal Abboud chair of the Junction BIA cutting the ribbon.

Of note in the new lights enlivened intersection our the are the zebra strips painted on the roadway in the pedestrian crossing area. When speaking to one the City of Toronto raffic light designers at the ceremony the blog was told that one of the occurring issues at “T” intersections is the need for left turning cars drivers to be aware of   pedestrians crossing the roadway.

Take a cross at the intersection now and get a feel of how the lights have knitted the intersection further into the Dundas st west streetscape.

While the blog has been promoting   this event for a while now, everyone should know that Bea Mozdzanowski Constituency Assistant to Mr  Saundercook, has kept the blog and  this author up to date on the city timeline for the lights arranging a multiple of necessary items for the event to happen.

Dundas Street West and High Park Avenue traffic lights will be turned on Oct 8th at 10am

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The traffic control signals at the intersection of Dundas Street West and High Park Avenue (PX2207) are scheduled to be activated next Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 10:00 am.

A community startup ceremony will be held a few days later and the date will be posted here in few days.