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Open wall garage examples, a solution? to small yard and car cover issue in the Junction, a parking idea post

The Junction, wonderfully tight lots that allow close connect with your neighbours, and an  intimate living experience in the small footage homes.   Yet parking is a common concern, coming home from shopping, picking up the children or work, the issue of finding a parking space comes to mind.

Many people choose to park the care on the street, while some abet less chose part of the back yard. the back yard choice has lots of good benefits and some not so good. The main good benefit is that there is always a parking space, yet this also takes away an good park of the backyards livable ground space.

Building a garage also protects the vehicle and provides a great storage area for items for gardening and such. yet a walled garage cannot really eat into the open space of the yard, and cause sun blockage.

Open air garage solves many of the problems and removes  a lot of the problems.


side view from next door, highlighting the open top wall to allowlight into the yard


front doors



looking up at the ceiling of the building



side view


close side view


ceiling of building




side view from next door

Unbelievable small lot house – design ideas

all images courtesy of SNARK image © ippei shinzawa

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Hey – also vist the SNARK website to see other great works click here


db_keyaki_01 db_keyaki_02 db_keyaki_03 db_keyaki_18


the small town of honiyo-shi is about an hour and a half by car from downtown tokyo, a place that resembles many north american cities in that all of
its citizens rely on private automobiles due to the lack of public transit. set back within the narrow corner site, the ‘house in keyaki’ by japanese studios
SNARK and OUVI contains a parallel outdoor parking spot surrounded by a small garden that occupies the remaining plot.  three vertical strip windows
located on the east, west, and south facades guarantee natural illumination throughout the interior at all times of day. triangular voids on the second
storey floor plan, located right beneath the glazing, allows sunlight to penetrate into the ground level giving the residents a constant sense of the time of
day through the changing qualities of light. the gaps in the floor also create a stronger visual connection between both stories creating a unified inner space,
with a rooftop deck for a more private exterior setting.

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Wise Daughters Craft Market has upcoming felt workshops

Wise Daughters crafts - click image to visit the shops site.

Wise Daughters crafts – click image to visit the shops site.

Art and craft collecting can hide as much as they reveal, to most people. Digging  below the surface  by attending talks reading, attending artist studios, and commissioning can open up a greater joy physical and emotion involvement.

Workshops offered in shops such as Wise daughters, conducted by  makers, greater contribute to the persona enjoyment of making of many people and for serious collectors offer a deeper skill set and  knowledge to enhance collecting. 

a course worth taking…


from their April email…


Nuno Felting on Silk
Sat, Apr 20, 12:30 – 3:30

Nuno felting is a traditional wet felting technique where wool roving is combined with a lightweight silk base. In this workshop, you will make a richly textured, luxurious scarf. $50 includes all materials.

Felted Jack Pine Sculpture
Sat, Apr 20, 3:00 – 5:00

Join Wendo van Essen to create a piece of Tom Thomson-inspired jack pine sculpture. $50 includes all materials; if you have your own piece of the Canadian Shield, bring it along to create the base.


Wise Daughters Craft Market

3079B Dundas St. W.
Toronto, M6P 1Z9

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