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Canadian Pacific Railroad line though the Junction, train traffic. Source: The CPR Railway

Rail traffic data in the vicinity of

CP’s Lambton Yard and mile 5.87 of our Galt Subdivision, classified as a Principal Main Line.

The information requested is as follows:

1. Number of freight trains 0700 to 2300: 24 Number of freight trains 2300 to 0700: 9 Number of passenger trains (GO Transit*): 18 *GO Transit passenger service runs weekdays between 0700 & 0845 and then between 1630 & 1930.

2. Average number of cars per train freight: 60 Maximum cars per train freight: 160 Number of cars per train passenger: 13

3. Number of Locomotives per train: 2 (4 max) freight, 1 passenger

4. Maximum permissible speed: 50 mph (freight), 70 mph (passenger)

5. Whistle signal is prohibited approaching public grade crossings through the study area. However, the whistle may be sounded if deemed necessary by the train crew for safety reasons.

6. Considerable shunting and switching carried out in the Lampton Yard is not included in these numbers.

The information provided is based on rail traffic over the past month to May 2016. Variations of the above may exist on a day-to-day basis.