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Riverdale Farm in early 1900’s a most beautiful description of a visit,much about the adding of animals

  VISIT TO THE TORONTO ZOO By W. T. Allison ILLUSTRATION’S BY VICTOR WRIGHT First I saw the white bear, then I saw the black; Then I saw…

Remembering a swell Junction resident, Frank Robertson 10 years later

 Today is the Ten Year Date of the loss Frank Robertson, a victim of Ontario’s draconian family law courts, where a great father and good man was brought…

love always snow Xmas

CAMH wall restoration tech details,

….the walls were constructed by the patients without compensation as a therapeutic program to provide vocational tasks for the patients, it became a cost cutting action for the…

Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction area of Toronto

Digital Image Number: I0021492.JPG Title: Two men who are barrel recyclers in the Junction area of Toronto Date: 1990 Place: TORONTO (ONT.) Creator: Robert Teteruck Format: Black and white print Reference Code: F 4445-3 Item Reference Code: F…

SW corner Dundas St w and Dupont Ave July 2011


train rails bend easy,

U may not think train rails bend easy, this is a great video showing that on a articulated train.

30 Weston Rd. Stockyards Mall from 2009 | devloping firms designers statement

the hi from the GreenbergFarrow website With over 30 years of experience and eight offices nationwide, GreenbergFarrow is a fully integrated architecture, planning, engineering and development services firm offering…

30 Weston Rd. materials removal — from 2009 demo of animal oil plant for the stockyards mall.

Priestly Demolition continues to ren=move the external equipment from  the 30 Weston Rd.  Bunge plant.

Dominion corrugated block house view from underpass of the Old Weston Rd bridge.

Digital Image Number: I0021487.JPG  Link to source  Title: View from the Junction area of Toronto, with Junction railway station in background Date: November 1982 Place: TORONTO (ONT.) Creator: Robert Teteruck Format: Black and white print Reference Code: F 4445-3…

off high street retail Bloor West Village | 2011

ST Clair Ave Pork processing plant,after the fire | 2011

Land trust purchases 87 acres along Eramosa River Aryn Strickland July 31, 2019

Land trust purchases 87 acres along Eramosa River Aryn StricklandJuly 31, 2019 @ 4:55 pmNews As 1st reported in the Wellington Adv.  GUELPH-ERAMOSA – Rare Charitable Research Reserve…

Strangest construction site is the Junction, 2011 | meat Packing District.

Wise Daughters interior | 2009 craft store now gone on Quebec Ave at Dundas St. W.

wise daughters interior

Pile driving on Old Weston Rd 2010, it drove many people to anger.

Automatic Electric Block Signalling Canadian. Pacific Railway, WestToronto. January, 1914.

Automatic Electric Block Signalling, the Canadian Pacific Railway, West Toronto. January, 1914. The signals, which are of semaphore type, are located about 3000 ft. outside of the outlying switch, and,…

Dominion Auto Parts 36 Vine Ave Manufacturing General products list.

Turn Signal Lights for Commercial and Recreational Vehicles. Side Marker Lights for Commercial and Recreational Vehicles. Mirrors for Commercial and Recreational Vehicles

Councillor Gord Perks on right to assembly sometimes trumps trespassing laws | 2011

Councillor Councillor Gord Perks, a Ford critic, says that Canadian courts have ruled that the right to assembly sometimes trumps trespassing laws. “As far as I can tell…

Most Junction Home brick repairs are using cement rich mortar which is likely to cause brick cracking.

Mortar can and will accelerate brick and wall decay if water gets trapped in the wall.

Don River Enbridge Gas main gas pipeline replacement east side of the Don River.

    The Concrete walked bridge in the background behind the steel bridge houses the natural gas pipeline currently in use, the replacement will be under the Don…

old weston Rd, looking north 2010

Don River 30 inch gas pipeline replacement, west of Don river.

⅞ Highlights   The Don River 30 Inch Natural Gas Pipeline Replacement Project (“the Project”) will include the replacement and abandonment of a segment of Nominal Pipe Size…

…the wall gets better and better, the 2011 rebuild of the Keele St Subway wall, as sheparded by Superintendent of the Henizman Place construction company

Keele Street, Keele Street historical subway wall, The Village by High Park.

Development charges elsewhere in Ontario are going up, while Toronto keeps them too low for city maintenance.

Development charges in the Town of Erin are Going up  48% more for new homes and 58% for new businesses in the urban areas. Town council used the results…